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    Wildlife Photography

    This gives surprisingly good results and is a lot of fun to use:
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    I need MF film transferred to digital format

    Thanks for the feedback and advice. I'll run these past my wife and will get back to you (Felix) after we talk.
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    I need MF film transferred to digital format

    Hi all, I am looking for someone who could digitize about 25 medium format film negatives. Ideal for me would be someone local in the Boston MA area but I'm open to any leads that could assist. Thank you!
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    Apple M1, a revolution in the making?

    Most of the published benchmarkings are tested using applications where the architecture shines. It hasn't been tested for tasks like video editing.
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    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    I've been sticking this camera in my jeans pocket without a case. I found that this works well if there's no case and if I use the small strap that comes with the camera. Every other combination has been more difficult for me. I never considered the possibility that this could damage the...
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    Fun with the Ricoh GR III

    Is anyone using the highlight-weighted metering mode? I haven't been able to determine when to switch to this setting. For me it's been hit or miss, with mostly miss shots. I'd love to see some examples of images that work well with this setting.
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    Monitor replacement criteria

    I have a NEC PA241WG monitor purchased in 2012 that I regularly calibrate. It's on almost constantly, has over 35K hours of use. The calibration visual makes me think that there is very little variance to optimal settings. I see that it takes longer to warm up, and the screen sometimes...
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    Fun with Light L16

    Nice images Godfrey. I've been considering getting a light because of the images you and others post on this thread. It looks like a fun camera. Their website shows that they've run out of product. Sold Out. Nothing. I don't see any mention of a version 2 or indication when stock will be...
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    Street (images)

    Vivek, you've become my favorite photographer. I always look forward to a new post from you and wonder how you're able to get so close to strangers yet appear invisible to them. I hope one day you put your work into a book, it's awesome. I'd buy a copy. Adam
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    What the new moon really looks like

    Article is taken from I thought you all might enjoy the pictures The New Moon is supposed to be entirely black, right? Wrong. Astrophotographer Thierry Legault photographed yesterday's New Moon over Normandy, France, and he found an exquisitely-thin crescent of light: "I...
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    Computer is dead! Need recommendations soon to continue projects.

    There were two new security flaws recently found in both MAC and PC configurations - meltdown and spectre. The current CPUs all have security flaws which to date remain unfixed. These flaws are core problems that require updates to the kernel, then the bios, then the OS, and then the...
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    Sigma DP2 Merrill shots

    Dropbox left Amazon Web services and built their own data center.
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    Comparing resolution

    I can read the finest print in #2 so that gets my vote for resolution.
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    Where is the X1D ????

    Read it here: Ssshhhhh
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    Leica Q: First impressions.

    I'm torn. My Sony RX1 is getting beat up and I'm considering an upgrade. For those that have used both, is this a material increase in quality (both image and shooting) or minor, or just different? The things that I like most about the Sony is the dynamic range, silent shutter, & low light...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Ed, such wonderful images. I was there for my first ever visit during this festival. I took my RX1 and have no where near as awesome pictures as you posted. Mine are full of people too.
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    Hi Maxpace, I hope I'm replying to your message, it's the first one I've received on this...

    Hi Maxpace, I hope I'm replying to your message, it's the first one I've received on this site. I've been saving my pictures to a Yahoo Flicker site, it's free. From that site I select the share button. It gives you options on what size image you want to share and how you want to do so...
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    DP Merrill accessories

    I use the JLM grip too and like the build quality. The only other piece of gear I have that hasn't been mentioned above is the Gordy strap gordy's camera straps My SPP is limited to setting the clipping points and leaving the rest of the settings at 0. I mostly use the neutral color...
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 and A7r series It's a half note followed by a 1/16th
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    Sigma DP3M

    Hulyss, your pictures are so impressive, you make this camera sing. Which one is the selfie? :grin: