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    Any experience with Skylum Luminar Neo?

    Yes! I end up using Luminar Neo as a plugin...and got it just for power line removal. For architectural photography, It does a pretty solid job if the power lines are over sky or something with consistent detail, but it tends to do odd stuff when your power lines cross areas of changing...
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    FS: Cambo Wide DS WDS technical camera w/Cambo WRS Adapter

    Bump again. US$550...or it's going on eBay at the end of next week.
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    Phase One 8 pin to 2.5mm cable

    I have a spare (used twice, or so) 8-pin female to 2.5mm female cable. This is used to attach an IQ3/IQ2/IQ1/P-series Phase One back (but not an IQ4) to a Kapture Group cable or other sync cord with a 2.5mm plug. It's the same as this...
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    FS: Cambo Wide DS WDS technical camera w/Cambo WRS Adapter

    Bump. US$600 and this beautiful bad boy could be yours!
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    FS: Cambo Wide DS WDS technical camera w/Cambo WRS Adapter

    For sale: a used (but in excellent shape--has a bit of scraping on the corners from location architectural photography use!) Cambo Wide RS, with a back adapter that takes standard Cambo Wide RS plates. Located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Asking US$700 or best offer + shipping (or pickup if you're...
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    Phase One IQ4 Remote Launches via Cascable

    Is wired tethering coming/there? Cascable works great for this purpose if you're on a Canon body, but wired would solve a bunch of the noted speed issues and be a pretty reasonable replacement for a tethered laptop for location use in some workflows.
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    Lighting For Interiors

    You basically have to decide how much you want to do on location and how much you're doing in post (or outsourcing, if you're doing your post at volume). There are some fantastic lighting for interior RE photography tutorials out there--check out . In...
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    SOLD: LEE 100 Filter System **Price Reduced to $300**

    Hey Warren. Are you making the switch because the Cambo Compendium is more convenient, or because the Lee setup doesn't physically fit? (Making the choice myself between either setup...or the flare card I've been using, on a WRS1000).
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    Phase One Feature Update 8

    Nice! Looking forward to it. Now I wonder/hope they’ve added longer exposure/flash sync support to DE+. Second to a corona vaccine, of course, that would make for a very merry Christmas indeed.
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    Cambo Announces Phase One X Shutter Products

    Yeah, I’m with you there. As an owner and frequent user of the Schneider 35 and 43XL on an IQ4150, I’m also in the ”shut out of new shutters” camp. Hopefully my Copals keep going for awhile...and they should, given that I’m mostly using ES these days.
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    Q on Canon 135mm TS + Phase One IQ3100 + tech camera

    Steve is correct. I've tested on my IQ4150 and the 135TS-E covers--just barely, with no movements as long as you're willing to run an LCC as there is substantial (but seemingly correctable) corner falloff on axis. It should cover on your IQ3100 as the sensor size is identical (if memory...
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    Cambo WRS-M645 and WRS-CA

    Things are entirely usable at f/8, but yes, things do degrade particularly above f/16. (The same can be said for the Schneider tech cam glass, at least my copies--you could drop glue in the aperture ring on my tech lenses at f/10, and I'd probably take forever to notice you did it.) If you're...
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    Cambo WRS-M645 and WRS-CA

    Ziya-- I run a WRS1000, IQ4150, and have the WRE-CA (which gets more use than I thought it would when I bought it; I shoot architecture). I'm planning to write an article soon, having tested all but one of the current TS-E lenses on the WRE-CA. If you have a WRS tech cam already, you...
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    Capture One 20

    I've been on beta, and the new dynamic range controls are really nice, and masking is faster. However, if you're on a tech cam and an IQ4150 (and possibly other backs), LCC color correction is partially broken. It works fine if you're editing a full-res TIF, but if you're processing to a JPG or...
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    Cambo Wide vs Cambo Wide DS

    That's quite the modification you did there! Pretty much turning your WDS into an overgrown Actus. :-) To answer the original question: the big /functional/ difference between the Cambo Wide and the DS is that the DS has double shift and the Wide doesn't. The Wide will give you rise/fall *or*...
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    Cambo Wide DS + back adapter plate

    Still around. Price reduced to US$650.
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    New Phase One Firmware for IQ, XF, and XT

    As a fellow former software engineer now full-time pro (and POCP): while it's strange (and pains me greatly) from a software engineering point of view, this isn't the first time that Phase has released a stable beta but borked the release. They've done it with at least a couple of Capture One...
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    Small tablet to drive IQ4-150

    ...and to follow up on the question at the bottom of my review: I did end up switching to an Arca plate (Inovativ makes one that I should have bought if only they'd advertised that they have one, but I used one I had around the gear crib and a couple of fender washers), and equipping the Magic...
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    Small tablet to drive IQ4-150

    As for mounting, my normal tether arrangement is a MacBook Pro 13 on a Magic Arm + Inovativ DigiPlate Lite. The DP Lite might be a bit excessive for a Surface-style tablet, but for slightly heavier rigs, mine works great. Review...