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    Fuji GFX 50 S, 23mm, 63mm, and Hasselblad CF 110 f2.0 lens

    I am offering all of these items for $6800. The body has less than 500 actuations and the condition of the body and Fujinon lenses are basically as new. No cosmetic blemishes and the lenses have no dust, blemishes, scratches etc. The Hasselblad 110 f2.0 CF lens is justifiably famous...
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    Fuji GFX and Hasselblad 110 2.0

    For sale is a really low actuation GFX 50S (Less than 500 actuations). Also is a pristine 23smm and the 63 mm. The Hasselblad is a justifiably famous 110 2.0 Planar in fantastic condition. Looks like it was never used! I have many images of the gear but I am not having success uploading them to...
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    Fuji XH System and multiple lenses

    For sale is a like new Fuji XH1 and multiple lenses, also as new. All of these items have been purchased by me in the past year with most lenses less than six months old.
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    Fuji GFX and two lenses $6700

    For sale is a Fujifilm GFX body and the 23 and 63mm lenses. The body has less than 600 actuations and has no marks or scratches. It is in like new condition. The lenses are similarly conditioned i.e. like new with no dust, fungus, scratches etc. I have included a recent photo of my granddaughter...
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    Leica 50 lux and 90 elmarit new pricing

    For sale is a mint silver 50 lux and a near mint 90 elmarit.. Both lenses were purchased from Dale Photo and Digital (David Farkas). The elmarit was sent to Leica N.J. for a CLA and installation of the six bit coding ring. I think it would be very hard to find a better copy of this fabulous...
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    Leica 50 lux Silver and 90 Elmarit

    For sale a like new 50 lux asph latest version. I can send pictures to verify but all you will see is an unblemished silver 50s lux. Asking price is $2700. Included is a silver leica haze filter. The lens is six bit coded Also for sale is a like new 90 Elmarit in black. Again I can take photos...
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    Fuji for Sale Part III

    O.K. here are the final images
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    Fuji for Sale Part II

    Showing the final images. Pardon me for taking all the pictures without dusting the lenses. Shows what a great photographer I am.
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    Fuji for sale

    All bodies and lenses are like new. XT1 and RRS grip/L bracket List $1374 My price to you $950 Fuji XPro with RRS Grip/L Bracket list $1335 My price to you $700 Fuji 10-24 4.0 List price $799 My price to you $600 Fuji 18-55 2.8-4.0 List Price $699 My price to you $499 Fuji 23 1.4...
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    Mint Leica lenses for saLE

    For sale are three Leica. The 21mm and the 50mm are like new. There are about 10 images taken with the 21mm and perhaps 100 with the 50mm. The 90 Elmarit has always been one of my personal favorites for the Leica M. This one has recently returned from Leica N.Jl. service where it underwent a...
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    Mint Leica 35mm FLE

    For sale is a mint 35mm FLE. The lens was purchased new from Dale Photo and Digital less than a year ago. I had to give up on Leica because my eyes just won't allow me to hit focus consistently. I have moved on to the XT1 and the D800E to solve my problems The lens has no marks or scratches...
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    Leica M240

    For sale is one Leica M240 Silver. Bought in April 2014 from Dale Photo and Digital and has had absolutely minimal use. (I am 77 years old and manual focus just doesn't work for me anymore, sadly!) Comes with the Leica handgrip M and the Visoflex EVF2 electronic viewfinder. List price for...
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    Leica M Monochrome

    Item is a true mint M Monochrome. Less than 200 actuations this is virtually new. No marks etc. I am moving away from Leica M's because I just am too old and shaky to properly focus and hold still any longer. I need autofocus and image stabilization to get pictures I want and need. Price is...
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    Gura Gear Kiboko 30L

    I have an almost new Kiboko 30L which I purchased for my Leica medium format body and four lenses. I have now sold the big gear and returned to shooting the M9 et al. I have purchased the smaller Kiboko 22L for that gear. The 30L is in terrific condition having been used on only two occasions...
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    Pentax K-5 & prices

    Pentax K-5......................$900 Pentax 43mm FA..............$500 (Silver) Pentax 31mm FA..............$1050 Pentax 55mm SDM...........$550 Pentax 77mm FA..............$850 Pentax 200mm SMC..........$950 Zeiss 18mm Distagon........$850 Zeiss 28mm Distagon....... $850 Zeiss 50mm Makro PLanar...
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    SDM and focus lag

    Just wanted to post that today I was out shooting my grandson's soccer games. I needed to use the 200mm FL because of where we had to stand and found that I would hit the shutter release button halfway, the center focus spot would light immediately but there was very significant focus lag as...
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    Some S2 Images

    Guy asked to see some of my S2 images. Please be aware that I am still learning the camera so not all are technically correct. All are processed in Lightroom 3.2 Enjoy and critique please Woody Spedden Whoops.........The Church Rock black and white is actually from the D3X with a 100mm Zeiss lens
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    Leica M Gear for sale

    Well the time has come. My eyes have gotten progressively worse and focusing the M rangefinders is no longer possible for me to do consistently. So I am selling the following gear Leica M9.......New condition except for a mild burnish on the top plate. The paint is not broken so likely the...
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    Hey out there I just was reading this month's Outdoor Photographer and they spent some real time on Gigapano technology. They talked about some hardware to allow relatively easy to manage large grids of images and then the Autogigapano Pro software to process all of these images. These arrays...
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    Arca Swiss RM3D

    I just finished watching a 30 minute video on the Arca Swiss RM3D. It was produced by Michael Reichmann and features Mark Dubovoy. The link to the video is This camera has been in the works for quite some time but the final results...