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    Typ 109

    Does anybody here knows if this model is selling or is going to be sold, in silver body as the Pana equivalent LX100 does ?
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    Looking down...

    ...while walking then stop ! Bring out the Sony TX10 from my pocket...ZZZAAPP ! BTW it prints in 24'x24' easily
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    Ergonomics & habits

    Since I use a P&S, all auto mandatory, my habits have probably change. Before I decided "this afternoon I am going out snapping pictures", so I prepared my gear depending where I was going to, I was then all into photo mode for that afternoon. I don't do that anymore, just don't feel like that...
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    Interesting video on why setting a mirroless studio

    Another Studio Moves from DSLR to Mirrorless - YouTube Michel
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    FS : Hasselblad 180mm CFI and X2 converter

    For V serie: - Zeiss 180mm CFI, mint >> 1100 €uros - Zeiss teleconverter, mint >> 200 €uros
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    Near home with the M6

    I snapped a roll during these last two long week-ends. The wheather was changing fast so it was interesting. The problem is that I screwed up the processing between Tmx and Tmx-pro, 2' difference is a big deal. Anyway that's how it came out :
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    Fun with GoPro

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    Luminous Landscape test the Ricoh A12-M
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    The camera you'll never have !

    Imagine the shape of an Hasselblad 500…. mirrorless, with a 36mmx36mm sensor, an M mount, the VF glass being replaced by the screen every camera has today, but here light protected by the collapsible VF frame. Then you should have a very simple, very cheap big sensor camera in a small package...
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    A must read comparison
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    Pentax K5 taking a shower

    Incredible really !!! :clap::clap:
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    Is that the new A77 ?
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    Golden teeth

    with my old TZ3
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    M 24mm F3.8 asp.... a few impressive pictures
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    Tailor made for your beloved cam

    It seems that anything can be done here : Clic on WORK then Camera bag Michel
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    Record 70 ZZZZZZZZZillions pixels

    And the link is here :
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    Pentax 645 - First Impressions and an Interview
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    Just a proposal

    Can't we start threads of the type : "more & more fun with my CFV back" for example ? The idea is to group pictures taken with the same backs to get a better idea of what we can expect from them. So we could get different groups for different backs. At the beginning it could be interesting to...
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    Under water world

    A beautiful site here :
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    New Back light sensor