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  1. Jim Radcliffe

    Double Duty for the 31, 43 and 77mm on Fuji X-Cameras

    I own the Pentax K5 IIs and also the Fuji X-Pro1, X-E2 and The X-T1. I also own and use the "Three Amigos": 31, 43 and 77 Ltd. lenses. I just received the PK-FX adapter from Rainbow Imaging, well machined, perfect fit, no wobble, Etc.. when mounted on any of the Fuji X-Cameras. Just a heads...
  2. Jim Radcliffe

    Why is there no AF f/1.2 lens available?

    I do a lot of low light shooting with my cameras, the K5 is no exception. I have a number of fast primes (43, 77, 31).. but I wondered why Pentax does not offer an even faster lens such as a f/1.2. I know there are older Pentax lenses such as the Pentax SMCP-A 50 mm F/1.2 MF Lens but there is...
  3. Jim Radcliffe

    Fun With The 18-55MM

    My 18-55mm arrived just the other day and I've not really had a chance to take it out other than late last night. I drove to Dallas to see what it could do at night without a tripod. ISO on these shots was 2000 to 2500. Shutter speeds were from 1/8s to 1/60s Here we go.... The...
  4. Jim Radcliffe

    X-Pro1 Cheap lens with Great IQ & Bokeh.. and it's 30 years old.

    I already own the Fuji 35 f/1.4 but sometimes I want a true manual focus lens and while the latest firmware update did wonders for manual focus, nothing beats a real manual focus lens. I picked up an MD ROKKOR-X 50mm f/1.4 at a local camera show for $15 two weeks ago. The lens is of all metal...
  5. Jim Radcliffe

    Seeing Stars with the XP1... this can't be real.

    Using the X-Pro1 with the 500mm Minolta Mirror Lens & the 135mm I bought the 500mm Minolta lens a year or so ago to use on my Micro Four Thirds cameras but have not really used it all that much. Tonight (August 1, 2012) there was a clear sky and a beautiful full moon and despite it being way...
  6. Jim Radcliffe

    X-Pro1 Grip does make a differance..

    I picked up the grip for the X-Pro1 and it does make a differance in handling the camera. I like it a lot and the the quality is top of the line.. the fit could be no better.... yes, you have to remove the grip to replace the battery or memory card and I thought this would be a big deal but it...
  7. Jim Radcliffe

    Hated to do it.. but returned my X10

    UPS picked it up today.. here is a segment from my website describing why I finally made the decision to return it... Update: January 31, 2012 - I'm Returning My X10 I really hate to do it but I must. Here's why..... In the last week I have taken a number of shots in which the X10 just did...
  8. Jim Radcliffe

    X Pro 1 Photo Samples... List/Link them here!

    Please show them or link to them here... Why? I really like the concept of the X Pro 1 but before I place a pre-order or "get in line" any other way.. I have to see photos from the camera.. and I want to see lots of them, not just the stuff on the Fuji website. Could we start a list of photo...
  9. Jim Radcliffe

    Willie Nelson shot with the K5

    Here is a shot I took of Willie Nelson at his concert tonight at Billy Bob's Texas in Forth Worth. It's late and this is the only shot I have worked on. Concert ended a little after midnight and I got home at 1am... it's now 2:20 am... gotta sleep... more tomorrow. Just wanted to share this...
  10. Jim Radcliffe

    What do camera makers owe us when they get it wrong?

    Over in DPReview the Fuji forum has been somewhat of a hornet's nest for the last three weeks due to the way the Fuji X10 handles specular highlights, which in a few words is... not very well. Before I go further with this let me state that this issue has not ruined a single one of my photos...
  11. Jim Radcliffe

    K5 Auto Focus - Some questions

    I have noticed that many times the focus of my K5 is more accurate when using Live View than it is when I use the normal, through the viewfinder method. This is bothersome to me. I really don't wish to use Live View that much but I do appreciate it on certain occasions. Can someone explain...
  12. Jim Radcliffe

    Black & White Work with the K5

    Just back from my California trip and the first photo I wanted to work on was one of a an old boat that has been beached and rotting away for a number of years. I first saw and shot this boat last year in July but the light was bad and the sky not very exciting. Last year I shot it with the...
  13. Jim Radcliffe

    K5 Mirror Flops - Smoking Gun Found

    Like many here I have recently begun to experience the "Runaway Mirror Flops" with my K5. At first I thought this was a heat related problem as it just recently began while I was using the K5 in 90 to 102 degree outside temperatures. After reading a number of posts here and in other forums...
  14. Jim Radcliffe

    Strange K5 shutter/mirror issue

    Recently my K5 has exhibited unexpected behavior. I can take a shot with the camera and a few seconds later the camera makes a sound like it is firing on its own... sometimes several times. Sometimes I will do a half press of the shutter release and the camera sounds like it is making multiple...
  15. Jim Radcliffe

    K5 and the Ghost In The Window

    This is a shot of the back exit of the old Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas. To understand how big this hotel is you need to visit this site. The hotel was built in 1929 and has been abandoned for the last 30 years. It totally dominates the skyline of Mineral Wells and it has a very...
  16. Jim Radcliffe

    Fireworks Photos - Showem here

    I don't enjoy lugging a tripod around so these fireworks shots will look a bit different. They were shot handheld with the Pentax K5 and the 43 Ltd at f/4 1/20 ISO 12000 to 32000. The only post work done on these was to crop them. The star effect is striclty the characteristic of the 43 Ltd...
  17. Jim Radcliffe

    DA * 50-135mm Fun

    Just had to bite the bullett and buy the DA * 50-135 F/2.8 for low light concert work. Glad I did.. very sharp lens and quite capable. The only issue I have with it is the somewhat slow AF when compared to my old Canon 70-200mm L glass. What I found out while using this lens is that I need...
  18. Jim Radcliffe

    Fun With Macros

    Here's a one handed, arm extended, almost fell in the pond, live view, macro of one of my little green friends at the lily pond. Early morning light. Pentax K5 / DA 35mm macro ISO 400 f/4.5 1/160
  19. Jim Radcliffe

    Choosing a telephoto lens (zoom or not)

    I have decided I need a lens with a bit more reach than my 18-135mm (which I see has been under attack in other forums).. I like mine, thank you. There are a number of choices but not sure which route to go.. The DA* are quite pricey but I am only looking to buy one telephoto to compliment the...
  20. Jim Radcliffe

    K5 on the Kansas Prairie - I'm in love.

    I had to travel back to Kansas from Texas to help move an elderly family member into assisted living. It was a busy four days but I found time one afternoon to drive out on the Kansas Prairie for the "golden hours".. I only wish there had been a few more clouds in the sky but overall these two...