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    fs: Hasselblad 35-90mm f/4-5.6 HCD Aspherical Zoom Lens

    My old friend has one of these for sale. Hasselblad 35-90mm f/4-5.6 HCD Aspherical Zoom Lens He is not an internet guy or any such thing. I've had a few deals here in the past. Mostly leica m9, 50mm asph, 35mm summarit etc..... I've never dealt with medium format myself. This lens is...
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    fs: A7s with 35mm Zeiss fe 2.8 and or Nokton 50mm 1.5 asph

    I have an A7s I acquired at a local private auction. We've had all our Sony Stores go into closure here so I assume this is where this particular one came from, not that it matters, I guess. All I have is what you see in the pictures posted. The A7s, The zeiss 35mm with the hood and cap, the...
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    SOLD/TRADED Sony RX1 trade for rx100 USA and CANADA

    This is the new sony DSC-RX1 FULL FRAME Zeiss 35mm 2.0 I am selling. Used over the course of 2 weeks with an official Sony screen guard. (will be left on of course) Sony Cybershot Screen Protector | LCD Protective Cover | PCK-LM15 | Sony USA No marks or scratches at all. Like new when put back...
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    Fuji 18-55mm F2.8-4 OIS Fujinon lens pulled from kit

    It is a flawless copy of the 18-55mm Fujinon OIS f2.8-4 lens. It is pulled from a 1 week old kit. Mounted and tested once for sharpness and accuracy. No issues. Beautiful pictures and rendering. $600 with fees and all shipped to you. (although paypal gift is appreciated) Chase quickpay if...
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    Nikon 1 j1 camera with 10-30mm lens

    Nikon 1 j1 camera with the 10-30mm lens. Really nice looking little camera. lnib. Only opened to make sure all contents are in there. A gift from an old relative. I have my x100. Haven't even loaded/charged the battery. Maybe find 1 finger print if you really try :) Red in colour. Nikon 1...
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    fs: Fuji X-pro1 lnib

    Box opened to make sure contents are there. However, camera has never been taken out of it's plastic packaging. So it is like new in box. I am in Canada, but if I sell to a USA member, I can ship it from WITHIN USA, so duties and taxes will not be an issue for you. It would be shipped from...
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    wtb: Fuji X100

    looking for an x100 willing to offer $700. Can discuss price if some extras are included rough condition is fine as long as optics and mechanical operation is flawless i have a usa and a canadian address either is fine for shipping i can pay thorugh paypal, emt or bank of america transfer...
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    fs: sony nex-7 new in box

    I've got a new in box nex-7 direct from Sony. Never taken out of the box. $1600 + ship. ( approx $20 to ship I would guess ) Paypal gift or add 3% for regular payment. EMT payment is more than welcome and preferred. I can ship it TONIGHT if payment is immediate. I have feedback here, and on FM...
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    nex-5N with 18-55mm and some extras

    Nex-5n Camera KIT with the 18-55 lens. About 2 days old with original receipt for 2 year warranty. Not a mark, nothing missing. Like new. Extras: New 8GB class 10 MEM card New wireless remote trigger New screen guard New aftermarket extra battery (1500Mah vs the 1030Mah or so stock one )...
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    fs: Sony Nex-5N with 18-55mm kit lens

    Sony Nex-5N 16MP camera with the kit lens. Black. This camera is about 10 days old. 50 pics taken with it with a hard plastic screen cover while tested so screen is unmarked. In fact, if I did not mention the 50 pics taken, you cannot tell if it was ever used to begin with. $699 net to me...
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    wtb: CV voigtlander nokton 35mm 1.2 VII

    As the title says. I am looking for this nice lens. I can take delivery to a USA address in Niagara Falls NY. or Ontario Canada. I have refs and feedback here. FM with same username. Ebay as well since 2001. Thank you.
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    WTB FEELER: Elmairt 90mm leica lens

    I am thinking of grabbing this lens. The last/latest Elmarit 90mm model with pull out hood. I am on the fence. I was wondering if anyone is selling and price? I would like the glass to be spotless ofcourse, but I MAY consider otherwise as long as there is no effect on image. ie: shot at F11+...
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    wtb: 90mm CONTAX Sonnar 2.8

    As the title says. Looking for this lens. Would be a bonus if a nex adapter happen to be stuck to it :) I have a USA and CANADA address, so shipping should not be an issue. I prefer to pay paypal since I can use my CC then. But if you do not like paypal, we can make arrangements. If a canadian...
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    looking for a Camera shop outside a New York State

    As the title says. I'd like to pre-order the Nex7. But I'd like to do it from a shop outside of New York State so I can save some tax. Amazon, BH and Adorama all charge tax since they have New York presence. What's a good shop to do this with?
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    fs: CANADA Fuji X100 Camera Like New in Box

    as the title says. Only tested inside my place. Couldn't resist. one nice little camera too! I am in Canada. Delivery in person is possible from Toronto to Niagara Falls. ( even the USA side ) I will include receipt for your full warranty. $1500 CAD Includes shipping.
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    fs: Sony Nex 5 Camera Body only

    I am in Canada. Prefer Canadian sale. If no Canadian sale by weekend, I will cross the boarder and Ship it to a USA address via: USPS. Sony NEX 5 Body only. ( was using Leica glass on it so I sold the pancake that came with it as soon as I got it. ) Box and all as new, just missing the lens...
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    SOLD: Leica Summarit F2.5 75mm lens

    First off, I am in Canada. I would prefer a Canadian buyer. But, if no Canadian buyer by the weekend, I will sell to a USA buyer, and I will cross the boarder to ship it. Thus, it will be sent USPS from Niagara Falls USA so you will not incur any kind of taxes or duty fees. I've got a like...
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    Wtb: zeiss 21mm 2.8 ZM biogon

    As the title says. Preferred with hood, but not a deal breaker. Hopefully minty condition. I will take user condition for the right price. However, glass must be perfect. If a USA deal happens, no worries, I will give you my USA address to ship to so duties and extra shipping costs will...
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    SOLD: 28mm Elmarit

    ****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****SOLD**** Sold to a very nice local member from here. Thank you Hello. I have a spectacular, mint, lnib Elmarit-M 28mm F2.8 Leica lens with an original purchase date in the year 2010. Newer serial will reflect this. It includes everything as...
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    wtb: 18mm Zeiss ZM Distagon

    As the title says. A friend is looking for this, so I am trying to lure one in for him. Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm F4 ZM Preferably in black, but not a deal breaker. I am in Canada so a local transaction would be great. If not, I have a USA address you can ship to that I can pick up from later...