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    I need MF film transferred to digital format

    Hi all, I am looking for someone who could digitize about 25 medium format film negatives. Ideal for me would be someone local in the Boston MA area but I'm open to any leads that could assist. Thank you!
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    Monitor replacement criteria

    I have a NEC PA241WG monitor purchased in 2012 that I regularly calibrate. It's on almost constantly, has over 35K hours of use. The calibration visual makes me think that there is very little variance to optimal settings. I see that it takes longer to warm up, and the screen sometimes...
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    What the new moon really looks like

    Article is taken from I thought you all might enjoy the pictures The New Moon is supposed to be entirely black, right? Wrong. Astrophotographer Thierry Legault photographed yesterday's New Moon over Normandy, France, and he found an exquisitely-thin crescent of light: "I...
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    Lightroom Publish Services to GetDPI Galleries

    I just discovered the Gallery section a couple days ago. :facesmack: Is there a way to use LR publish services with this Gallery feature?