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    Phase One IQ 1-100 Digital Back

    PhaseOne Mamiya mount IQ 1-100 digital back. This back has made only 1096 exposures, all shot from behind a Combo technical camera. It is in great condition cosmetically and functionally and has no history of any damage or malfunction ever. It will be shipped in its original box as sold by...
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    GF X sepia emulation and Lightroom

    I have just recently begun experimenting with some of the emulation capabilities of the GF X. The images look good on the LCD but when I try to open them in either C1 ( after DNG conversion and EXIF adjustments) or Lightroom the effect is absent and I am left with a standard color image. The...
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    For Sale: PhaseOne IQ 1-100 Digital Back

    For Sale: PhaseOne IQ 1-100 digital back. This back has made only 1096 exposures all shot from behind a Combo technical camera! It is in great condition and has no history of any dammage. I will be shipped in its original box and all that came with it from PhaseOne via Capture Integration as...
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    For Sale: Rodenstock 90mm HR Digaron - SW

    For Sale: Rodenstock 90mm HR Digaron in Cambo T&S mount with spacer in like new condition. This lens was purchased new by me from Capture Integration about a year and a half ago as part of a 3 lens kit which all together has now produced fewer than 1100 images. The glass is perfectly clean, dust...
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    GF 250mm lens / 1.4X

    Has anyone heard any projections as to when the GF 250 and 1.4X converter will become available?
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    Large Leica S System for Sale

    According to my dear wife, I have far too many cameras so it is time for me to sell the one I tend to use least. All of this gear is in perfect working order.All lenses include both Leica caps and original hoods. Given that I really do not care to own bits and pieces of a system, if anyone would...
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    Perspective control lens for S system

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Pentax 67 75mm shift lens on a S body. As it appears that Leica is not about to offer a PC lens anytime soon, I have gone searching for other options. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Douglas
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    Return of the Cranes

    These Sand Hill Cranes have been forageing in my front yard for quite a long time but since Irma they have been taking their breakfast elsewhere. This morning they returned, probably because we no longer have standing water in the front ( we still have about 5" in most of the back). These two...
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    Leica Vario Elmar S 30-90

    I am offering my Leica S 30-90 Vario Elmar for sale. I purchased this lens thinking that it would be my mainstay but things have not worked out that way. The lens is in truly excellent condition and the glass is flawless. The auto focus system has been corrected and the lens was cleaned and...
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    Lee 105 mm Polarizer

    Anyone know if the Lee SW 105 filter holder (the one designed to fit on the out side of the lens) will produce vignetting with the Rodenstock 32 and movements. I have tried the standard filter holder with the 86 mm adapter and can not use much more than 5mm along the long axis. It looks as...
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    Arca d4 clamp question

    Let me preface this with a hope that I am not missing something patently obvious here and end feeling like a total... well, lets see. I just received an Arca d4 tripod head and can not mount any of the camera plates that I have used for many years on several different heads. There are two...
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    Canon EOS 1DsIII Kit

    I am selling my entire Canon kit to fund my now insatiable tech camera habit. All prices include FedEx shipping and are net to me after PayPal fees. If someone wished to buy the entire kit I would be willing to offer a very attractive price. I will forward pictures upon request. The 1DsIII has...
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    F.S.: Leica Vario Elmar S 30-90 f/3.5-5.6

    I am offering for sale my Leica S 30-90 lens. It is in excellent condition with only very subtle signs of use. Included are the lens, both caps, the lens hood, and the pouch. I do not have the box. Pictures can be provided upon request. $6750 USD net to me including shipping. Continental USA...
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    Anti fog sprays

    Are any of the anti fog sprays safe to use on the front element of contemporary lenses? Zeiss offers one but it appears to be intended for spectacles which likely have different coatings.
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    Primum non nocere.

    Hello All. I have always been nervous and bit hesitant about cleaning my cameras sensors. Given that I tend to shoot at larger apertures, I tend to slide by most of the time but there always comes a point... I recently came across a new ( at least to me) product called the Sensor Gel Stick and...
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    Given that these were shot with a Leica S (006), I customarily would post this on the Leica channel but, as this is a more active group, I thought that there might be more responses here. I shot this car a few days ago and because of the prominent window reflections, dumped the entire set...
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    On camera flash solutions

    Word has it that Leica has withdrawn its plan to introduce the incipient SF 64 flash unit. Metz appears to have a very similar unit available, the Metz Mecablitz 64 AF-1 digital Flash, that looks to be the same unit Leica was about to offer that has been rebadged. Does anyone know if it truly...
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    WTB: Leica S Contax 645 Adapter

    Please contact me via PM if you have one for sale. Thank you.
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    Elpro -s 180

    Has anyone here had any experience with the ElPro 180 that they would care to share...good, bad, or indifferent.
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    FS: Zeiss Distagon 21mm f/ 2.8 ZE ( Canon Mount)

    This lens was purchased new about a year ago and has hardly seen any use. It is in like new condition. Included are the original hood, front and rear caps, and the original box. Price is $950 plus 3% PayPal fee. I will cover FedEx shipping. Continental USA only please.