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  1. alatreille

    IQ4 - Custom Grids

    Hi all, I've finally found the time to upgrade my IQ4 for feature set 8. I'm excited by the 'custom grid' option....but I can't work out how to make my perfect grid... Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Andrew
  2. alatreille

    WTB - Center Filter for 28mm XL Super-Digitar

    Hi all, I'm looking for a center filter for a 28XL Super-Digitar. Please reach out if you have one available. Thank you. andrew
  3. alatreille

    Wednesday Webinar with PhaseOne - Exploring your vision amid digital overload

    Hi all, This Wednesday I'm giving a webinar with Phase One on 'Exploring your vision and purpose' at 9am Pacific Time. There will be a replay later in the day for those that miss it. From talking with so many peers, we are bundled up, not doing what we usually do - I'm going to talk about how...
  4. alatreille

    Arca magnetic Cable releases - magnet removal?

    Hey all, Arca provides their nice little magnetic cable releases with each lens. I like these, but find them about half the length I'd like. I tried unsuccessfully the other day to remove the magnet from one to then screw onto a normal cable release. I'm wondering if they are loctited om...
  5. alatreille

    WTB: Arca R Mount Lenses

    Hello, I'm looking for two lenses to round out my Architecture kit. Both are Schneiders: 28mm XL Super-Digitar (+ CF if available) 120mm ASPH I would consider unmounted or either Cambo/Alpa mounted, but Arca would be my preference Thanks in advance. Andrew
  6. alatreille

    WTB / Schneider 28mm Super Digitar XL + CF

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a Schneider 28mm Super Digitar XL and CF if available. I have an RM3di so would prefer one in Arca Swiss R Mount. I'd also consider unmounted or in another mount. Please let me know if you have one available to sell. Thank you. Andrew