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  1. Photon42


    Hasselblad just announced a new 0.8x HC lens adapter for their X camera line. Sounds like a FW 19.1.0 update is required not only for the AF to work but also to make it work at all. I just took that off the description page. Great to see these kind of things showing up. I am still waiting for...
  2. Photon42

    Phocus Mobile import into Phocus Desktop

    (This a bit old news (a week or so) but I was only now able to actually also validate it ...) If you edit your photos in Phocus Mobile 2 on the iPad, there was no way of transferring the edits onto the desktop version previous to the recent update. Now, when exporting 3FR files, you can then...
  3. Photon42

    Hasselblad X1D webinar recap from Camerawest

    Just stumbled over this on Youtube.
  4. Photon42

    Nikon Z 24-70 2.8 tear down

    Lensrentals did another tear down. Bottom line: wonderfully designed but don’t break off the filter thread ...
  5. Photon42

    Hasselblad CFV-50c Digital Back

    With a little heavy heart I am looking to sell by Digital Back CFV-50c (this is the CMOS version). It as well taken care for and received a recent sensor cleaning from the local HB dealer. Overall state is like new. Comes with all cables, case, box. Looking for USD 5500 net to me, but I am open...
  6. Photon42

    X-Pro3 Write-up from Jonas Rask

    Have a look here. He claims he has been involved into the design process somewhat.
  7. Photon42

    JPEG or RAW only import on iDevices

    What is your favorite way of just importing one file type to an iPad, if the camera is setup to store JPEG and RAW at the same time and only has one card slot (sigh ...)? Use case: sometimes I like to preview shots, do some triage, add comments and send one or the other, but not necessarily...
  8. Photon42

    Leica CL + Lenses

    Barnack’s Digital Heritage I am selling my black Leica CL in excellent condition along with Leica half case (brown) and Grip. The camera works flawless - I never had any issue with it whatsoever. The number of exposes is probably slightly above 1000. The camera has been updated to Fotos...
  9. Photon42

    Nikon Z with Leica M lenses

    Not sure how many are actually interested, and I have to admit I am a lousy lens tester, but here are two shots of my younger son, one with an M10 (scaled up for comparison) the other one with the Z7. The adapter is the Novoflex one. I ordered it directly from them and it arrived last week. It...
  10. Photon42

    MFT Olympus and Panasonic Lenses for sale

    Putting up for sale the following lenses: Olympus 2.8 / 7-14 Pro - CHF 800 Olympus 2.8 / 12-40 Pro - CHF 550 Olympus 2.8 / 40-150 Pro + TC 1.4x - CHF 890 Panasonic 1.2 / 42.5 Nocticron - CHF 850 Panasonic 1.7 / 15 - CHF 300 None with boxes, all in mint condition, including hoods and caps, no...
  11. Photon42

    FS: Zeiss ZF 2/100 Makro Planar Nikon mount and Hasselblad 4/40 CF and 2.8/50 FE

    Selling above mentioned Zeiss Lens in Nikon mount, ZF.1 version with NO CPU. The lens data needs to be entered into the body just like with AI/s lenses. Looking at US$ 900. Open to offers. Lens condition is mint, minimal signs of usage, if at all. Also selling two Hasselblad lenses, 4/40 CF...
  12. Photon42

    Hasselblad Phocus and file creation date in exports

    Hi all being somewhat new to Phocus and the CFV50c, it looks like my JPEG exports get their creation date updated to the processing date, which completely irritates me. I tried to find an option to change this (like "raw date" for the file naming template), but was unsuccessful. Does anyone...