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    PHASE ONE iXU-RS1000 with a Cambo WRS

    Hi Does somebody know if it is possible to mount a PHASE ONE iXU-RS1000 (back) to a Cambo WRS? I know, officially P1 does not support this combination. But it is maybe possible to create an adapter.... Is it possible to make it work with Copal shutters? Thanks, Ben
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    Broncolor led f160

    Hi Has somebody experiences with the new BRONCOLOR LED F160? I need flicker free light for some slow motion movies and normally use Broncolor flashes for photography. HMI light seems to be too expensive to invest... Regards, Ben
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    Is this interlacing?

    Hi I had strange artifacts in just one shot from hundreds with my Phase IQ1 50. Is this interlacing? Why does it occur? Here is a 100% Crop and the whole picture. Regards, Ben
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    Phase One XF with Profoto A1

    Is there a possibility to use the AF assist light of the Profoto A1 in Auto Mode with the XF? The white bright AF light of the XF hurts sometimes in the eyes of the people in dark environment. Also when I turn it down to 50%. So I want to use the more moderate and less eye-catching red...
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    Phase One XF, Front Dial P-Mode

    Hi Is there a possibility to use the front dial in P-Mode to change the speed and aperture in proportion? For example when it shows 1/250s, F5.6 to turn the dial and get 1/1000s, F2.8. I have this on my Nikons and also have it on my DF+ but I can't find out how to make this on the XF. In UI...
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    Polarized Light Photography for Art Documentation

    Hello Is there a reason to not cross polarize for art documentation? I have troubles with reflections and when I polarize the light and put a polfilter in front of the camera this problem is solved. But I'm not sure, if I don't change the colours with this technique. Regards, Ben
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    PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED

    My Nikkor 19 PC arrived this morning and I made a short test at infinity and compared it with the Nikkor 14-24 mm and the Schneider Super Digitar 28XL with P40+. I'm quite happy with this lens for the moment. After some jobs I can tell more. Until now, I didn't recognize a real interference with...