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  1. bavanor

    Going to Reykjavik and Copenhagen in February, Meet up?

    I will be traveling to Reykhavik and then Copenhagen February 12-19, 2010. I will be three nights in Reykhavik and the rest in Copenhagen. Is there anyone from these areas that would like to meet up for a drink to talk about photography and/or other topics? I know I can talk my wife into...
  2. bavanor

    Good CPA in Seattle, WA

    Does anyone here on GetDPI have a reccommendaton for a good CPA here in Seattle, WA? I am looking for one who has dealt with creative type businesses, in particular photography. Thanks in advance,
  3. bavanor

    Nikon and a Picoprojector

    I don't know if you all have seen this yet. If not it is worth a look. It is nikons coolpix s1000pj. A small point and shoot digicam. The cool thing about the camera, it comes with a built in picoprojector. This is a little projector that can display 640x480 pixel resolution photos and...
  4. bavanor

    G1 and Kites over Washington

    Wednesday, after the all the leica announcements I was feeling a little down about not being able to afford a M9. But, then I got a call from my wife, "Hey you should come on over to Gas Work Parks, (in Seattle, WA) there are all these kites going up for some art installation". So I grabbed my...
  5. bavanor

    Elinchrome light questions

    All you Elinchrome owners do you know the difference between the Ranger RX and the Digital RX systems? What does one give you over the other? Aaron