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    Fun with Olympus E-P7

    This is a camera that was recently announced by OM Digital Solutions in Asia & Europe. I am in the USA, so after some thought decided to get it from Amazon Japan. Main reason is that this is a camera I said I wish OMDS/Olympus did over 1.5 years ago (!). A "super EPL10 with PenF profiles."...
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    Olympus, DXo Photolab4 deepPRIME

    Some shots I took recently and I have to say dxo Photolab4 deepPRIME is simply AMAZING. It not only does great noise reduction without the previous PRIME artifacts at times, but it is doing bayer demosaicing by machine learning which is interesting. This last one a re-export from PenF shot...
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    Olympus announces update for recording Apple ProRes RAW Video Olympus announces upcoming firmware upgrade for EM1X and EM1MKIII, to record video to ATOMOS Ninja...
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    Fun with GX9

    Some recent street shots (from two nights ago to ~1 month ago) - Ricardo
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    Ricoh GR-E rumors...

    So bumped into the Ricoh GR/ GRII successor.. the Ricoh GR-E. At least for the rumor mill that's the name. 36MP curved sensor To be announced in spring or early summer Price: $1,800 (USD) 122.0 mm (W) × 64.7 mm (H) × 39.8 mm (D) 28mm f/2.4 lens (non-retractable) crop modes to 25mm/ 50mm (from...
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    Giving X-E3 a spin

    I am going to keep this short and in bullet form since it's late. First a picture I took last night with continuous AF, XF27 F2.8. I suppose composition could be a tad better and the white car in the background next to the guy makes the picture a bit less than it could be, but I still like the...
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    Anyone else watching those X-E3 will be smaller rumors?

    If Fuji makes a reasonably small X-E3, that would probably be tempting enough to sell my m43rds and go there. I forbid myself to buy stuff until next year- so far it's working great. It has given me pause to see what I would like as a final thing GM7 - a Panasonic GM5 with the new PenF/GX8...
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    GX850/GX800/GF9 Firmware update 1.1

    This firmware update adds "Beauty Retouch" feature (use from play menu) which is much more extensive (and creepier ) than I would have imagined. But the main reason I was looking forward to this update is because the RAW converter Highlight/Shadow adjustments were broken- they didn't work...
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    Fun with Lumix GX850/GX850/GF9 (USA/EU/Asia names)

    Decided to start a proper thread on it. If you feel this is redundant to the GM5 as a moderator, please join the thread back to the GM5 one. Some shots I took yesterday with GX850, Olympus 25mm F1.8. - Ricardo
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    The Amazing Pen-F - Olympus got the JPEG engine right

    So after a lot of back and forth, holding the camera 3 times and not buying because something just didn't click, I was doing some experiments the other weekend with the IBIS of the OMD and decided that I wanted IBIS for some night shots.. and took another look at the PenF and got one. I still...
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    Olympus m43rds losing screws?

    Just two weeks ago my OMD EM5 MKII had a piece of metal close to the hinge of the LCD, turns out it was a screw from it that was magnetically attracted and around it. Lucky I was that I didn't lose that screw. After finding where it belonged- one of the screws on the LCD that faces the hinge, I...
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    GX80 files are looking good

    so far. Been playing with the photographyblog RAW files in Iridient (somewhat workable, easier to deal for now in B&W) and RAW digger, and I must say, I see the "crisp" or close to- that I was seeing with Nikon 1/ Fuji which also lack an AA filter. A lot is said around about Olympus not using...
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    Fun with Lumix GM5

    Yup, got one yesterday. Stopped myself from going Sony RX1RMKII (nothing wrong with it, it's fantastic but not for what I shoot/way I shoot). All cameras are now good. the Lumix GM5 is the camera I should have bought a year ago. It's a Pentax Q Turbo Charged (speed) with a M43rds sensor. A...
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    Capture one 8.3.3 now supports Fuji X-T10

    Capture one 8.3.3 now supports Fuji X-T10 - Ricardo
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    Capture one 8.3.3 now supports Panny GX8

    Capture one 8.3.3 now supports Panny GX8 - Ricardo
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    Fuji x-t10 impressions

    So I got a loan, or maybe I bought one. Frankly not quite where I saw myself now but whatever, it happened, not proud of that part but something has to settle and either this camera stays with me or the OMD EM5 MKII stays with me. I can't have both. And before anyone asks all cameras are good...
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    Fuji new firmware for X-T1 Version 4.0

    I have to give it to Fuji. They really take care of their customers. Please spare me the "they shipped half baked camera and now they are adding the features" if you think that way- Fuji is under no obligation to do this and the X-T1 was not "half baked" when it shipped. Those who bought it...
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    OM-D EM5 MKII Firmware 1.1 out

    Here's the link: Joint update service for OLYMPUS E-SYSTEM - OLYMPUS Digital Camera I am not sure why Olympus doesn't allow us to copy the upgrade to a memory card and boot/install from camera, but whatever. It's done on my end. - Ricardo
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    4/3rds and m4/3rds lenses - OMD EM5 MK II

    Tried today my old 4/3rds Panny Leica F1.4 and compared with the 25mm F1.8 m4/3rds Olympus. I have to say -wow, that Panny/Leica does have a bit of a micro contrast bite to it that made me for the first time think "ok. Maybe this is it. This is what I wanted this camera to be able to do." Not...
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    OMD E-M5 MKII, F1.8 25mm prime - 40 MP shot from RAW-Iridient 3.0 conversion

    Ok kids, here you go - here's a 40 MP shot (tiny itsy bit cropped, so make that 38-39 MP if you want to quip) that I shot tonight and converted form RAW using Iridient Digital 3.0. This shows the pros and cons of this mode for a regular city scene at night- some cars came by and leave some...