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  1. mathomas

    FS: Arca Swiss F-Line Basic 4x5" Camera Kit

    This is hard, but I need to cut down on cameras so I can play with other toys. I'm selling my Arca Swiss F-Line Basic 4x5 *kit* in VG++ condition. This is the model with the 171x171 format frames. You can see this actual camera in multiple of my videos on YouTube, but this is probably the most...
  2. mathomas

    WTB: Arca Swiss F-Line Leather Bellows for 171x171 frames

    Long shot, but I'm having a tough time finding them anywhere. Thanks, Mike
  3. mathomas

    Bounce an idea, re Arca-Swiss monorails

    All, I'm the proud new owner of a nice, used, A-S F-Line Basic. It came with a 40cm solid rail. I would like to consider traveling with this camera at some point, and realize that there are nice options just for that purpose, such as the telescoping and folding rails. However, those options...
  4. mathomas

    WTB Feeler: I think I want a film 4x5 monorail

    I have recently been shooting a nice Horseman 45FA, but find myself wanting to also try a 4x5 monorail in order to experiment with larger/freer movements (and the style of camera, too). I've been shopping for possibilities on eBay, but it's such a dice-roll that I decided to also try here. If...
  5. mathomas

    Leica-branded M8/M9 Half-case

    Black half-case from Leica. Fits only M8/9 as far as I know. Great condition with just a touch of edge wear, and I have the box, too. These seem to be a bit hard to find. How about $45, shipping and PayPal included?
  6. mathomas

    Leica Lens Coding Kit

    You know what this is. Do you need it? How about $35, shipping and PayPal included?
  7. mathomas

    FS: Domke F-803 Bag

    This bag is pretty much unused. The worn appearance is part of the "wax wear" look. Looking to get $85 for it, shipping and PayPal included.
  8. mathomas

    WTB: Arca Swiss D4 Geared Head

    Must be a classic QuickSet (screw) clamp. Condition not super-important as long as the rubber is good and the head is tight and working well. I'll pay via PayPal. Thanks!
  9. mathomas

    Billingham Hadley Pro - Sage/Tan Fibernyte - Perfect

    I'm listing this bag as I have used it very little except for a few weeks after I first got it a few years ago. I used it as a commuter bag in an experiment that didn't work out. I'm away from it right now, and can post photos later, but it's pretty much perfect. If it helps (probably not)...
  10. mathomas

    Enjoying the Billingham F-Stop f/1.4

    The Hadley Pro seems to be almost the default choice of Billingham bags for most photographers (and I have one). But I just picked up one of the F-Stop line, and for me it's a better all-around bag. Not quite as loaded with old-world charm as their other lines, but a very practical bag for...
  11. mathomas

    Apply Keyword(s) to multiple images in Capture One

    I'm (very) slowly getting my feet wet in Capture One (because Aperture has been discontinued). I have to admit it's been tough. I really didn't feel like I ever had to think very hard to use Aperture, but C1 has been a challenge, and I'm a freaking software developer for god's sake. I bought...
  12. mathomas

    Apple Drops Support for Aperture

    I guess the handwriting was kind of on the wall, but today I got an email from Apple informing that they're no longer developing Aperture, and that I'm now supposed to use "Photos". This is really crappy news for me. I was an early adopter, and have 160Gb+ of images in my library. The money I...
  13. mathomas

    Anyone else seeing these issues on the A7II?

    I have a few annoying issues. Wondering if anyone else has seen them. I believe I'm on the latest firmware. First, sometimes my camera declines to show me the menu system when I hit the MENU button. I can punch away, and no menu is displayed. Turn it off and back on, and generally the menu...
  14. mathomas

    FS: Hasselblad 150mm CF Sonnar f/4, Caps, Hood, Filter

    For sale is my 150mm Sonnar CF with Caps, UV Filter, and Hood. It's a good lens in good shape. Glass is fine. Body is great except for a typical bit of wear around the hood bayonet. Hood is average, front cap average. I'm only selling due to the fact I've been shooting focal plane bodies...
  15. mathomas

    FS: Domke F3x, F5XC

    All items CONUS only, and include shipping and PayPal. Both bags are in excellent shape. F5XC is regular brown/olive canvas (not waxwear). $60 It is the actual bag that appears in this video: What's in your Camera Bag? (Domke F-5XC) - YouTube F3x is an unusual ruddy brown. I think it's a...
  16. mathomas

    Hasselblad 500c/m, 80mm Planar, Back

    Hi all, I have "too many" Hasselblads sitting around. Actually, I've been shooting my focal plane bodies and lenses almost exclusively for quite a while now, so it's time to get rid of some duplication in my collection. I am the second owner of this camera, and it is a beauty. I hate to sell...
  17. mathomas

    UV/IR Filters for use with M8

    All essentially unused, all in plastic cases, all incl. shipping and PayPal. Sorry, but continental US only. Leica E39: $65 Heliopan E52: $40 Leica E60: $75
  18. mathomas

    Leica D-LUX4, in Perfect Condition

    I must be a glutton for punishment, putting another item up for sale with the cold shoulder my other sales are getting :). Anyway, this little camera has served me well, but I just got an RX100 (used for these photos, BTW), so it has to go. The D-LUX4 has always been very well taken care of...
  19. mathomas

    FS: M8 and M2 bodies

    It pains me to sell these, but I haven't shot them in some time, and hate to just have them sitting on the shelf. I also have some plans to possibly extend my Hasselblad setup. So, I have two nice Leica bodies for sale: an M8 and an M2. Look for my lens collection to be posted before too...
  20. mathomas

    FS: Very Fine Contax SLR Gear

    Hi all, Time to divest some equipment. I have two great 35mm film SLR camera systems and really only need one. I hate to do it, but the Contax system lost out, so it's on the block (I'm keeping my Leica R system because I like its handling just a little better -- very tough choice). All...