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  1. mediumcool

    DXO One?

    Have wanted one since their release; bought it from the US via eBay, and it arrived last week. The DNGs require a lot of work—contrasty and quite cold AWB OOC. Worth it for some shots; mono works a bit more easily, perhaps. 1/500 f/3.5 ISO 100 1/500 f/3.5 ISO 100 1/1250 f/5.6 ISO 100
  2. mediumcool

    Is a Samsung GX-20 sort of, almost, a K20D?

    I bought the Samsung about three years ago for a very good price, but it’s now gone to a new home, replaced by a K-5, better in many ways, but I still like the older camera a lot. In February this year, I photographed the Festival Centre in Adelaide, and along the bank of the River Torrens; a...
  3. mediumcool

    WTB Recessed Toyo Lensboard

    Hi all. Need to source a 25mm recessed Toyo board in the smaller 110mm x 110mm size. Have a 12mm-deep board which is not enough to get my 45mm Rodenstock to infinity. Please advise if you have one hanging about.
  4. mediumcool

    Tilt/shift bellows for Leica S2 (using Rollei SL66 lenses)

    Saw this tonight on eBay. Took a quick screenshot—couldn’t add a picture link because it’s all done via JavaScript. Looks like [not cheap] fun ... :)
  5. mediumcool

    PENTAX 100mm F/3.5 AF macro (Australia)

    This is a lens I don’t much use; this focal length on an APS sensor doesn’t really work for me (last time I used it was on my GF1 where it makes like a 200mm—much more fun—see below). Seeking $250 AU or near offer. Post extra. I will add a pic of the lens itself later. Pic below taken with...
  6. mediumcool

    PENTAX 50mm F/1.4 prime (Australia)

    One of the best primes I have ever used. Need the cash for a big Customs bill (don’t ask!). $375 AU is what I’m looking for. Near offers considered. Original front/rear caps, soft case. Excellent condition. Prefer AU sale solely because of faster transaction. The tiniest 50/1.4 with a...
  7. mediumcool

    PENTAX 12–24 DA Zoom (Australia)

    Extremely reluctant sale, but I have to spring my new view camera out of Oz Customs! Sells here new for up to $1200. DA only so won’t work on the older film bodies (no aperture ring on the lens—it’s all controlled by the camera body). Petal hood reverses for storage; has genuine front and...
  8. mediumcool

    My tricked up GF-1

    Saw a thread on this forum about a Japanese maker of leather cases and camera coverings. Decided to tart up my silver-white GF-1 so ordered some leatherette and a half-case made from “real” leather! Results follow: Firstly, my silver-white GF1 with the leatherette: Now in the case, which...
  9. mediumcool

    GF1 with Pentax lenses

    I bought an adapter for P/K lens to M4/3 on eBay in early December, and it has finally arrived. Nicely enough made, with reasonable smoothness when mounting and unmounting lenses. Not bad for less than $20. Tried it out with my 50mm f1.4 first and was a bit disappointed; set the lens to...
  10. mediumcool

    Can somebody look at a Sony-formatted CF card ...

    ... on a Mac for me, please? Story is here; briefly I had a lot of trouble getting a CF card from a Sony SLR working on a Leaf Aptus back. I’d like to find out how Sonys format the card, particularly with regard to the boot partition; either GUID Partition Table (as used on Intel Macs) or...
  11. mediumcool

    Seeming CF card compatibility problem with Aptus 22

    Happy New Year, everybody. I received my new [used] Aptus 22 the day before Xmas, and have been testing it, with some limitations. I have never had a camera which uses CF, so I have taken every shot so far tethered to my old MBP. Bit limiting. I have ordered some 4GB CF cards from an online...
  12. mediumcool

    Isn’t it time there was a Pentax category all to itself?

    K5 has a lot to answer for! ;)
  13. mediumcool

    Toyo VX23D with 35mm lens?

    Hi all from sunny South Australia. My first technical question as a relatively new member. I am starting to assemble an AFD-based digital MF kit, and would like to add a techcam. I do like the little Cambo and Horseman point-and-shoots [almost!] 'cos of their size and weight, but would love...