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  1. Rafael Macia

    WTB: 90 Macro Elmar M lens

    Looking to pick up a nice condition 90 Macro Elmar M lens. thanks Rafael
  2. Rafael Macia

    Leica Hand Grip M Black Paint For M/M-P 14496

    This is for the Leica M/ M-P 240. Some signs of use, as shown in photos. Absolutely perfect working. $175 each, I have 2 for sale ✷includes shipping/CONUS, PP fee. thanks Rafael
  3. Rafael Macia

    Leica Traveller Tripod with Ball head 24/Unused/Tripod is impossible to find

    This is a really special tripod! The design is great, and it is very light, and secure. It is essentially unused. Made in Germany. Impossible to find the tripod new anywhere. You can find the ball heads, this one offered here, the 24 or the larger 38..... but NOT the tripod. The Traveller...
  4. Rafael Macia

    WTT: Leica R lens > Leica M body adapter for a Leica M lens to SL body adapter

    I have 2 Leica R lens>Leica M body adapters, which I would like to trade for 2 Leica M lens to Leica SL body adapters. Both adapters have a list price of $395. So I am thinking even trade. Mine are Mint- condition. I would hope for similar condition to trade. If you want a photo, send me an...
  5. Rafael Macia

    Sigma 8-16 f/4.5-5.6 HSM DC Ultra Wide Zoom Lens for APS-C /Canon

    Works perfectly. Canon mount I have only used this on a Leica SL using a Novoflex Canon to Leica SL adapter. On the SL, I have shot in APS-C mode, (1.52 crop), to shoot 4K video. The Leica SL, uses only the Super 35 cropped area, for 4K, which is a 1.55 crop, (slightly smaller than APS-C)...
  6. Rafael Macia

    WTB: Leica 35-70 Vario Elmar F4 Zoom lens

    Looking for a fine condition Leica 35-70 F4 Vario Elmar lens. (Not looking for the 3.5 variation of the Various Elmar) thanks Rafael
  7. Rafael Macia

    WTB: Leica/Leitz 15mm Super Elmar 3.5 R lens

    Looking for a mint/fine condition Leica/Leitz 15mm Super Elmar 3.5 R lens thanks Rafael
  8. Rafael Macia

    WTB: Canon 17 tilt shift F4 lens

    Looking for one in fine/mint condition. thanks Rafael
  9. Rafael Macia

    Induro CT-314 Carbon tripod Mint

    A very strong, light and stable tripod equivalent to a Gitzo Series 3 Carbon. It is 24.2" folded and 72.2" extended. Plus it weigh just 5 lbs. It is, IMHO, as strong and stable a a Gitzo costing $1000. Here is the Midwest Photo link that has a good description...
  10. Rafael Macia

    Pentax 1ᴼ Digital Spotmeter

    A Mint condition Pentax 1ᴼ Spotmeter. Perfectly working. The cap is included, (I neglected to include it in the photos.) A lot of these meters were modified for using the Zone system. This one has NOT been modified. The Zone VI people sell a beautiful leather belt holster for this meter. I...
  11. Rafael Macia

    Minolta 1º Spot Meter F

    Very lightly used, very fine condition. Accurate, and working perfectly, with case $200 thanks Ralph
  12. Rafael Macia


    I have 2 of these scanners, this was my backup scanner. A really fine scanner for 35mm. Probably the BEST scanner for 35mm .... and that includes Imacon, and better than the Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED . .....really. Anyone who knows anything about scanners will tell you the quality of the 5400...
  13. Rafael Macia

    WTB:Konica Minolta Dimage 5400 / 5400 Scan Elite II / Dimage Multi-Pro

    Looking for the following three film scanners; Konica Minolta Dimage 5400 35mm film scanner. Konica Minolta 5400 Dimage Scan Elite II 35mm film scanner Konica Minolta Dimage Multi Pro film scanner thanks! Ralph [email protected] is better than a PM or call; 212-799-4441 cell
  14. Rafael Macia

    GITZO G1257 Mountaineer Reporter CF Tripod *Reduced

    GITZO G1257 Mountaineer Reporter CF Tripod A really perfect sized tripod for all small, and medium format work. I have used it with up to a 560 Leica lens, and it's fine. Carbon fiber, works perfect, not used much, (I have 4 Gitzos), no dings, bruises of any significance ....... looks just...
  15. Rafael Macia

    WTB: or Trade: Pentax digital spot meter or Minolta Spot meter F

    WTB: Pentax digital spot meter or Minolta Spot meter F I need a 1º spot meter for stage work. I have a mint Minolta IVF meter, I have kept for backup, I could trade. [email protected] is the best way to reach me thanks ralph
  16. Rafael Macia

    Tenba Photo Backpacks

    3 Tenba backpacks. The Large Tenba BP, was, (if I remember correctly), called the PBL model. It is deep, wide, and holds a ton of stuff. It can be accessed from the front/bottom, in addition to opening it completely. 20x18x9. I used it to carry a 4x5, 6 lenses, holders and accessories. I...
  17. Rafael Macia

    Weston III Exposure Meter

    Selenium cell internals means you never need a battery. A superb backup, accurate, old school, exposure meter. Take care of this; handle it delicately and it will last forever. The case is not in good condition. Leather dries out ..... this is from the early 60's. $25 thanks rafael
  18. Rafael Macia

    Leitz/Leica VISOFLEX III, w/finder,Rare! late model,Red Badge Pristine!

    Very fine looking, fully functional late model Visoflex III. This is the absolute latest issue (probably early 70's), Red Badge. It has the correct eye-level prism finder. It can be used on all digital Leicas M8-M-P 240. Explore the world of extreme close up and telephoto photography with...
  19. Rafael Macia

    SOLD! Billingham 555 bag, like New

    SOLD! A great large photo bag. You can carry a lot in style. $550 new at B&H. This has never really been used. Inside and exterior clean, without marks. All correct partitions included. Call it Mint minus since it's sat around for a year or so, unused. The complete specs; Billingham 555...
  20. Rafael Macia

    90mm F2 Summicron M Mint!

    A perfectly mint condition Mandler-era (1975) 90 Summicron. It is the third and last variation of this series 90. I bought this thinking I would like to have a one vintage "signature" 90 lens, along with my 90 APO, (which is "blister sharp") I tested the Mandler 90 alongside the APO and almost...