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    GM Lenses

    I've had my A7R II for a couple of weeks now and while I'm still getting to grips with it, I'm very happy with camera and very impressed with the output. All the new GM lenses look on paper and in the handfull of image samples I've seen look extremely impresssive. However, is it just me or is...
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    Capture One Pro 8 vs 9?

    All my professional carrer I've not used anything other than Capture One for my image editing and with every new version came a feature or jump in output quality that made the upgrade a welcome and exciting addition. I looked over what was new in version 9 but was underwhelmed as the the new...
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    Cambo Actus Canon auto adapter.

    Posted this in the Sony forum but thought may be of interest here also.
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    Cambo Actus Canon auto adapter

    Its finally ready the Cambo Actus electronic plate for Canon lenses.
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    A7R II Charger

    Sorry if this has been asked before but my A7R II arrived today however, my Metabones adapter does not arrive until tomorrow so only been able to update the firmware and charge the batteries. What has come to light after charging my three batteries is how unbelievably slow they charge. Obviously...
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    Collapsible beauty dishes.

    I'm intrigued but the new collapsible beauty dishes recently coming in the market like the new Broncolor beauty box below. Broncolor Beautybox 65 Anyone have any experience of these as they look really portable and nifty. I like the ability to change the colour temperature with gold reflector...
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    Canon EF adapters

    Hello Sony forum. Sorry if this is a rather basic question but I know nothing about Sony cameras as I've been a very content Canon 1Ds3/TS-E shooter. I was going to upgrade to the 5Ds but now I've seen the specs of the A7RII I've decided to wave good bye to Canon camera bodies and pre-order...
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    Sad news - Paul C. Buff

    Paul C. Buff, passed away this week at the age of 78 Never owned any of his lighting equipment but have always appreciated what he did. May all are modelling lights be dimmed in respect.
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    LEE Wide Angle Lens Hood

    My LEE WA lens hood is a permanent fixture on my camera and would never shoot without it but todayI purchased the new LEE landscape polariser and adapter ring with the thought it would mount to the front of the hood as the specs suggest. Just sat down, screwdriver in hand, hood in bits and I...
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    Canon 5Ds/5DsR

    This forum is a lonely place so I thought I's post some (potentially) good news. A 50.6Mpix sensor in a 5D body and the options of with (5Ds) or without (5DsR) low pass filter. No mention of if the camera uses a Canon or Sony chip but as long as its not the usual 11 stop Canon DR its the...
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    Roller stands

    What is the consensus on good quality roller stand? I'm looking for a stand that will primarily be used to support a big softbox like 120 x 180cm, a Para 133 (and in the future a Para 177) or used with a boom arm. I don't need one of the very tall overhead types and want to take it out on...
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    Hasselblad has closed the Design Center in Treviso

    Interesting turn of events and should please the MFD community if true. Surprise: Hasselblad closes design center and ends the “luxury” camera business?
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    WTB. Broncolor Pulso G 3200J Head

    Looking for a Broncolor Pulso G/F4 3200J head in nice condition. I'm UK based if that makes a difference to anyone interested in parting with theirs.
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    Broncolor Pulso studio head differences?

    So I'm looking at getting some Bron studio heads but I'm a bit confused as to the differences between the more recent heads. The 3200J Pulso G is the latest head and I was all set to get these however, I've seen quite a few 3200J Pulso F4 heads for sale used which I believe to be the previous...
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    Lighting at Photokina 2014

    I have a feeling this years Photokina won't be the most exciting for camera releases but does anyone have any rumours or requests what lighting products they would like to see at Photokina 2014?
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    Broncolor Move - Free battery promotion!

    For those who are thinking of buying one of these amazing generators, I've just had an email from Bron (UK) now offering a FREE battery with every Move pack ordered before the end of June 2014. The Beauty of broncolor The Move kits are already amazing value to begin with but now you also get...
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    Broncolor Love?

    I've got Profoto AcuteB2 Airs and the new B1's as my mobile battery lights and have been very happy with the kit up to now but I long after a higher power pack. I've seen the info on the net about the ProB4 and how wonderful it is so I attended a photo show here in the UK this week to have a...
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    Profoto D1/B1 glass domes

    I'm struggling to notice any improvements to the quality of light from my new B1's with and without the domes (with soft lights). Not particularly impressed in how they attach and adds quite a lot of bulk to the light. The standard flat glass gives 77° (i think) so not exactly a spot light...
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    Why no Air module for Sekonic flash meters?

    So........ Sekonic must be the most widely used and respected meters around the globe. Be that professionally, by amateurs and probably 95% of all colleges and universities running photographic courses. Profoto are one of the most highly regarded strobe manufacturer around the globe...
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    FS. Arca Swiss Rm3di/Schneider 43XL

    For sale a complete Arca Swiss/Schneider Kreuznach tech camera kit - just add a digital back. A list of everything included in the sale is as follows: Arca Swiss Rm3di Schneider Kreuznach Apo-Digitar 43XL in Arca R mount (includes digital centre filter, magnetic cable release, variofinder...