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  1. JoelM

    WTB: Leica M9 Monochrom

    Looking for a nice Monochrom in 9/10 condition with replaced sensor, code 53, I think. Joel
  2. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

    #2072 out of 2500 (A-072) Silver 70th Anniversary M4-P. This special camera comes with the box, strap, and all the original paperwork, even the hard to find 1913 Oscar Barnack and 1983 matching pictures. This camera is in beautiful condition and functions perfectly. It appears that only a few...
  3. JoelM

    Leica 50mm F1 v4 Noctilux

    Minty sample of this fabulous Mandler lens. Comes with case, box, and all. Can post pics later on but this is a feeler. $6500 Thanks, Joel
  4. JoelM

    SOLD - Zeiss 28mm/2.8 Biogon Silver ZM w/Zeiss Lens Shade 9+ $700 - SOLD

    Beautiful condition and likely among the nicest out there. Very well cared for and as per usual, an excellent copy. All controls work as designed, clean aperture blades and glass. Only selling because I picked up a Leica 28mm ASPH. Only trade I am interested in would be a Voigtlander 50mm VM...
  5. JoelM

    Leica SL2 vs M10 with M lenses

    I have Leica film cameras and want to get a digital one. I was assuming the M10 or 10-P would be my choice, though the 10-R is now out and about, but the SL2 has peaked my interest. Can the SL2 keep up with the M10 series while only using M lenses? Thanks, Joel
  6. JoelM

    Misplaced Threads

    I think the "Nudes and other NSFW" topic has been incorrectly loaded as there are many threads that don't belong there. Joel
  7. JoelM

    Sony Monochrome A7R(m), Original Sony Grip, Strap, Batteries, and Charger

    Excellent condition Sony A7r(m) modified by Monochrome Imaging Services (Daniel Morrison at This is a $1000 modification. What you get in this sale is: A7r(m) - 10307 activations Sony Grip Strap 2 Sony Batteries + Charger You are saving the wait time for this...
  8. JoelM

    WTB: Mamiya 6 Rear Lens Cap

    Looking for a rear lens cap, short or deep, doesn't matter. Thanks, Joel
  9. JoelM

    Markins Q-Ball M10-L

    Beautiful condition and hardly used ball head. Very strong and not too big, about 4" tall, and extremely smooth. Here's Fred Miranda reviews: $210
  10. JoelM

    Bronica SQ-A Kit with 5 Lenses, Accessories, and Film

    Not sure if this is of interest to anyone here, but I am offering my kit for sale to help fund something else. For those that don't know, the SQ-A is a 6x6 camera and the Zenzanon lenses are greatly underrated. $1250 Please see pictures and details here at FM Forum...
  11. JoelM

    Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 Heliar Aspherical III E-Mount Lens

    Beautiful lens in excellent condition comes with both caps and original box. NOTE: This lens has been professionally modified to have the useless Leaf shades removed. This allows for easy access to the filter threads. Also included with this lens is a 58 to 67mm filter adapter and lens cap to...
  12. JoelM

    Bicycles of all Types

    Well, now we can have a specific, non-format dependent thread on bikes. Not sure if I already posted this, but I'll start it out. Joel
  13. JoelM

    Sony A7rII and Meike Battery Grip w/Wireless Remote

    Excellent condition Body has 4532 activations. Comes with box, strap, USB charger, 2 aftermarket batteries. Also available is a Meike battery grip with remote, as new in box. I have pics at the FM website: or I can send...
  14. JoelM

    One of the greats!

    Nice article and examples: Joel
  15. JoelM

    Minimalist Photo Awards

    Some really good stuff: Joel
  16. JoelM

    EXIF Data

    One thing that the Fred Miranda board does really well is let you post exif data. There is a box to check when you upload your pic and it will add your exif. I am wondering if that is possible here and maybe I am missing something. Otherwise, is the only way to do this by remembering it and just...
  17. JoelM

    UW Photo Awards

    Here are some really talented photographers shooting underwater. If you click on the link or picture, you can get a short, detailed account of the shot. 2018 Ocean Art Contest Winners|Underwater Photography Guide Joel
  18. JoelM

    Gitzo GH2781T Magnesium Ballhead

    Nice little travel ballhead with built-in level and rated at 15.5lbs. Great condition - $75 shipped and PP. Joel
  19. JoelM

    Vintage Leica Lenses and Accessories

    Rare Silver 21mm f2.8 Elmarit ASPH - $2650 Leica 50mm Summicron V5 - $1350 Rare Silver 90mm Tele-Elmarit - $1100 Leica Motor M 14408 - $275 Plus a few accessories. For photos and details, please see: Thanks, Joel
  20. JoelM

    Nikon 200mm F4 Micro-Nikkor AIS - Excellent Condition

    Lens includes front and rear caps, tripod collar, and has a built in lens shade. The glass is free of any defects and the aperture blades are dry. There are some signs of use, but this lens was well cared for. The focus is buttery smooth and the macro images are stunning. $245