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  1. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

  2. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

  3. JoelM

    Which third party portrait lens for the M10M?

    The 75mm f1.5 Nokton you mentioned it a fantastic choice. It has much of the Mandler Summilux charm for much less money.
  4. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

    Bump. Open to trades and offers.
  5. JoelM

    WTB: Leica M9 Monochrom

    Looking for a nice Monochrom in 9/10 condition with replaced sensor, code 53, I think. Joel
  6. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

    A few more pics
  7. JoelM

    Leica M4-P 70th Anniversary + Meters

    #2072 out of 2500 (A-072) Silver 70th Anniversary M4-P. This special camera comes with the box, strap, and all the original paperwork, even the hard to find 1913 Oscar Barnack and 1983 matching pictures. This camera is in beautiful condition and functions perfectly. It appears that only a few...
  8. JoelM

    slow day here...

    This happened to a buddy of mine as well with his Phase One gear. The good part is that they really check it out so that when you buy from them, you are nearly assured of perfectly working gear with no surprises. Inconvenient, yes, but I think it is worthwhile in the long run.
  9. JoelM

    Fun with Light L16

    Ah, I didn't know that it was built-in. That's a shame. Perhaps as a last resort, you can use an external battery and power it through the charging port. Glad you got your value from it in any case. It was a novel idea that just didn't catch on well enough to offer the support and longevity...
  10. JoelM

    Fun with Light L16

    There are some companies that can disassemble a battery pack and rebuild it. Joel
  11. JoelM

    Let's see some abstracts

  12. JoelM

    SOLD: Zeiss Loxia 50mm f/2 Planar (Sony FE) REDUCED

    Geeez, that's a bargain. Very tempted.
  13. JoelM

    Fun with the Leica M Monochrom

    How did you adapt the Nikkor-S 5cm f/1.4 to your Leica. I really like how it looks. Joel
  14. JoelM

    The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread

    New Sigma 105mm f1.4 lens. I guess it is one of the older lenses not updated for mirrorless, but I am finding it to be spectacular. Took a test image with Richard Parker asking, "Are you looking at me"? Shot on the A7rii monochrome modified.
  15. JoelM

    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Love the Lotus. Was hoping of getting an Evora GT someday, but am happy with my Exige S240 for now. I'll have to take some MF pics of it. Joel
  16. JoelM

    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    Yes, I've been reading that they are rare as are the 541R. Beautiful car and they are very expensive here in the US as well as even rarer here. Joel
  17. JoelM

    Leica MP - Black Paint or Chrome

    I bought an M6 and then a really nice black paint MP came along so I am "stuck" with both. I don't think that BH will ever get anymore. There are some available overseas, but nothing new here in the US.
  18. JoelM

    Sony A7/A7r with old lenses

    What car is that? Volvo?
  19. JoelM

    Suggestions for Medium Format Camera with CCD Sensor

    The two sensors vary quite a bit. CMOS is much better at higher ISO, but CCD allows you to pull out more pleasing colors from the shadows and highlights. I use a Leica S2 and M9 and shoot at low ISOs. The S2 was bought like new (MPB) for about $2000 and came with the original receipt of $17k or...
  20. JoelM

    FS: Leica Q2 $3850 shipped (cont. USA)

    Seems like a really good price. You might try Fred Miranda. It should go quickly. Joel