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  1. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    So you are saying the only way for Russia to have security is to invade a sovereign nation? And more to the point, to lie about the threat (actually, Putin is saying they are invading because the Jewish president is a Neo-NAZI and a drug addict). You say the US invasion of Iraq is illegitimate...
  2. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Thorkill, please show me two things. A situation where (1) NATO invaded another European country and (2) a situation the Soviets/Russians invaded a European country. Then compere those lists. I completely disagree with your assessment. You really have not studied Russian history or been...
  3. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    So what is the answer? We ignore the Russian invasion of Ukraine because other people have done bad things as well? (And yes, there were journalist that were and still are critical of the Iraq war, both inside and outside the US.) So, the question remains, should we ignore the brutality of...
  4. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Yes, this is not an easy conversation. And it is impressive you are doing this in a second language. The article in your link is 6 years old and has nothing about the justification of war. It also states that at that time much of the issues are a result of Putin. And Perry is discussing this...
  5. Shashin

    Pentax 645 A 120 Macro or Pentax-A 645 150mm F3.5 Which one to keep

    As you said both are excellent. I am not sure you have a bad choice. I guess my most important criteria would be minimum focus distance, which is related to how tight you shoot portraits. Beyond that, I can see weight an important factor. The other possibility is not to make a decision now until...
  6. Shashin

    📷 Leica Q2, keep or sell? 📷

    +1 No matter how nice a camera, if it does not inspire me, I just don't use it. The camera just has to click--every pun intended. Sometimes I think something might be different, and then I get the opportunity to learn something I already knew.
  7. Shashin

    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    Fur break... This is our 12-year old Newf. She is really focused on another dog. Hikari is doing really well for her age.
  8. Shashin

    HELP fujifilms s10 focus assist is disabled !

    Have you changed the shoot without lens setting in the setup menu?
  9. Shashin

    Fun with MF images 2022

    Same day, different time... The magnolia buds would freeze during the night, turning them brown.
  10. Shashin

    Fun with MF images 2022

    The good news is it didn't rain on Saturday...
  11. Shashin

    GFX100S w/ Mamiya 7 lenses

    I would imagine the Mamiya 7 lenses to perform well. If you have those lenses, it would certainly be worth trying. However, I would not buy Mamiya 7 lenses over the native Fuji ones.
  12. Shashin

    Underwater camera recommendations?

    The effective focal length (to be accurate, the field of view) is longer underwater than on land. 18mm on an APS-C camera is not going to be very expansive.
  13. Shashin

    What inspires you? How do you translate that inspiration into your visuals?

    Just to throw a question out: is photography deductive or inductive? Are you making the world conform to your interpretation or are you taking what you see and interpreting that?
  14. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Thorkil, thank you for that. Actually, I doubt the world will survive. We have huge existential crises facing the world right now and we are not doing anything. If history is anything to go by, then there is going to be a great deal of suffering I am very grateful the Russian's fought with the...
  15. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Please feel free to delete the thread. Solidarity is hard...
  16. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    It is very easy to start a war. It is a lot harder to end one. If the Ukrainian military forces surrender, there will still be an huge insurgency in Ukraine. Lots of wars did not end the way the invader wanted, including by Russian forces.
  17. Shashin

    Selective morality of geopolitics & Man's Inhumanity to Man

    Lets put whataboutism in a less political context. If I talk about saving the whales, that does not mean I don't recognize there are other creatures that are also threatened. Nor does that mean all animals have had better of worse histories. All I am doing is stating that whales need help and...
  18. Shashin

    Selective morality of geopolitics & Man's Inhumanity to Man

    If you would like a geopolitical thread to discuss the Ukrainian invasion, please title it that way. Or if you want to discuss man's inhumanity to man, something that reflects that.
  19. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Thorkil, that is perfectly fine. However, if you want to talk geopolitics, I am happy to do that. Since this thread is to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people, perhaps another thread would be better.
  20. Shashin

    Solidarity with Ukraine

    Yes, racism is a problem in both Ukraine and Russia. Here again, this is a thread to show solidarity with Ukraine. What is your objective here?