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  1. dacruzphoto

    270mm lens 8x10 camera.

    I'm looking for a 270mm lens for my 8x10 camera.
  2. dacruzphoto

    270mm lens for 8x10 camera.

    I'm looking for a 270mm lens for my 8x10 camera.
  3. dacruzphoto

    Lenses for 8x10

    Hi everyone. I will receive my first 8x10 machine in a few days. I am however having some difficulty in understanding what would be the lens board and the 270mm lens that I should buy for an 8x10 camera. I don't care about the brand. Can anybody help me? Thank you.
  4. dacruzphoto

    Large format in the time of digital photography.

    I'm buying an 8x10 camera. I have great enthusiasm in making photography with such large negatives. I am very attracted by the result of these images. However, I am concerned about the future of this photographic material. In the time of digital photography, a question that occurs to me is how...
  5. dacruzphoto

    8x10 film

    Hello everyone, Dou you know where can I buy 8x10 film in Europe? Thank you in advance. Cheers, Luís