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    Zeiss Ikon Contarex Microscope Camera & Zeiss F-Distagon 16mm f/2.8

    Zeiss Ikon made a few Contarex bodies exspecially for using with microscopes, it has no finder and no lightmeter, just a body and a focal plain shutter with speeds of 1-1/500 sec, B, T It has the special mount for the microscope photo tubus and a long flange focus rigister, around 36mm. That is...
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    Test shot with Fuji x-ray film UM-MA in 18x24cm format Schneider G-Claron 9/210mm (Dagor Type) @f/22 Toyo Field 810M
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    F/S Soligor Telephotolens 4/105mm Leica M39 mount

    A very rare Soligor lens. It is a rangefinder coupled lens, very solid made and with excellent optical quality. A very interesting focus length. Clean and clear glass, focus and aperture are working perfect. Price is 149 Euros plus shipping costs. Located in Germany.
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    Voigtlander Heliar 4.5/83mm

    This week I finished the rehousing for my Voigtlander Heliar 4.5/83mm The lens is out of a rare Voigtlander camera, made in 1928, I guess it is a Bessa 129 which has the frame size 5x8cm. Here´s a picture of a similar camera in much better condition: The lens cells are srewed in an old Compur...
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    Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm f/1.8 with Leica M3

    The sample is from 1996 when I got a Kinoptik Tegea 9.8mm with Arriflex ST mount. I wanted to know how large the image circle of this lens really is and so I have to made an adapter to use the lens with my Leica M3 DS because the lenses ist not usable with a reflex camera, except the Arriflex 35...
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    News from Middle Earth, pictures of willows

    I found this trees not far away from my home and I saw they are marked with a white cross. Not a good sign, it means that they are for cutting down. That`s the reason I have to make some pictures of it. THis pollard willows are very old, since the 1960th no one cutting the heads of it. The...
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    Nikon F4 with quartz glass lens, DIY

    The lens has only one single element with 75mm and I used full open aperture f/3.2 With the quartz glass the whole spectral band of the film were used, incl. the unvisible UV light <370nm This light has a different focus point than the visible light. This gives a second picture but very thin...
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    Old lenses, post your samples

    Please don´t hesitate to post your own samples here, I know that a lot of photographers find it interesting to see picture taken with old lenses. I prefer the uncoated ones, made earlier than 1945. Here it is possible to find lenses which are not only sharp, this ones have unique...
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    Fun with Nikon V1 / 10MP are enough

    I´am still a fan of the pretty small Nikon 1 cameras and lenses, and yes the 10 MP of the V1 are enough for me. Nikkor 30-110 @51mm full open, ISO 100
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    Micro Nikkor Ai 200mm f/4 with D700

    I made some sample shots with this combination and I must say the old MF lens is good usable with a digi cam as well
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    New book for download

    Hi all, I finished my fist book about standard lenses and it is now ready for free download. 233 sides, 45MB Please enjoy!
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    New book for download

    Hi all, I finished my fist book about standard lenses and it is now ready for free download. 233 sides, 45MB Please enjoy!
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    New book for download

    Hi all, I finished my fist book about standard lenses and it is now ready for free download. 233 sides, 45MB Please enjoy!
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    Steinheil Triplar 50mm f/2.8 on Fuji X-E1

    Now finished, my Steinheil Triplar. One of only three known coated lenses of the 50mm version. I made a Leica M39 socket for it incl. the rangefinder coupling. This mount is universal for me to use my rehoused lenses with every mirrorless camera, incl. Leica
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    My new toys for Leica etc.

    Here are my new toys I gave a new live for Leica or mirrorless cameras. Apo Skopar 88mm f8 in Leica Elmar 90mm mount, Dallmeyer Max-Lite 2 1/2" Leica M39 mount, Taylor&Hobson 2" f1,6 in Leica M39 mount, Rodenstock Karat-Heligon 50mm f2.0 in Leica OTZFO universal helix, macro 1:2, Rodenstock...
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    Fun with the X-E1 and AGFA Solagon 50mm f/2

    Today I got the Fuji X - Leica M adapter and I must try my AGFA Solagon 50mm f/2 It is a lens out of a Karat 36 which were completely damaged but I saved the lens cells, mount'em in a diaphrame barrel and turn an adapter to screw in in a Leica focus tupe. Now I can use this nice lens in a focus...
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    Schneider Xenon 25mm F0.95 c-mount for sell

    I want to sell my near mint Schneider lens. Ideal for avaible light situations. The lens comes incl. both original caps and the Schneider carton. Price is $950 incl. worldwide express airmail shipping. Payment via PayPal.
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    This morning with the NEX5 and Schneider C-T-Xenar

    A wonderful morning with warn light, so I must make some macro photos with the NEX5 and the Cine Macro Tele Xenar 75mm F2.8 A lens which costs me only a few bucks and a little bit of work.