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    Looking to trade 645z kit for Leica S 006

    I have an excellent 645z kit I would like to trade for a Leica S 006. About 10,000 shots on the body. I am a working photographer. Camera and lenses always stored in a Pelican case. I have these lenses: - The newer 55mm 2.8 Came with the body. Mint - 150mm 2.8 which is an excellent portrait...
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    Large Format Injet Pricing/Cost

    Hi print masters. I have an Epson 9600 pro and have been printing a lot lately. I want to be able to charge my friends as fair as possible for large prints. I saw on here somewhere (I searched but did not find again) someone broke down their ink, paper, maintenance cost and figured out a price...
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    645z Raw Request (Portraits)

    Would anyone be so kind as to send me a couple portraits taken with a Z? Preferably with a longer lens 120 - 150mm and if anyone has any lit with strobes I would mucho grateful! Cheers and TGiF
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    Capture One Storage Help

    Can any of you pros tell me about your Capture One workflow regarding how you set up your libraries, catalogs, albums, folders, sessions etc etc. The reason I'm asking is I would like to improve my file organization within the software and on my HD. I have used C1 for years, but mainly just for...
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    Digital Enlarging

    What is your preferred method in 2015? I have just been using photoshop / image size but I remember using genuine fractals in school. A client wants a 60mb file from an aps-c shot and I'm just looking for the best way possible I can up-res it.