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    Pentax 75mm f/2.8 SMC AL for 6x7

    For sale is my Pentax 75mm f/2.8 lens for Pentax 67. It's in nearly mint condition, some wear around the usual locations. The glass is clean and aperture works well. It includes caps and hood. $750 shipped in the US.
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    Milich grip for OMD

    For sale is a Milich grip for the Olympus OMD. I've switched to the Fuji X series and no longer need this. It's in great shape and is a great addition to the OMD. $125 shipped and paypalled in the US. [/URL] [/URL]
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    Leaf Aptus II 5 Hasselblad V mount

    For sale is a Leaf Aptus II 5 (22mp). It was purchased just about a year ago by myself. It's in the Hasseblad V universal mount. The back is in very good shape. Some wear from being mounted and around the edges. Screen and sensor are flawless. I will double check the shutter count and add...
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    WTB: Pentax 645d

    Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks!
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    Hasselblad 80mm CFE & 150mm CFI V mount

    For sale are two Hasselblad lenses for V series bodies. Both were bought form KEH in EX+ condition in March 2012. They are in excellent condition. Clean and sharp glass, no issues. Both come with all caps and hoods. $800 each. Includes shipping in the US via priority mail. I'd sell for $1550...
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    WTB: Mamiya RB to Leaf adapter

    I have a friend looking to adapt a Leaf Aptus 22 to an RB67. If you happen to have the adapter around, let me know a price with shipping to zip 99501. Mamiya part number is 903-533. I'd consider other brands or models as well. Reference... Mamiya RB Adapter Kit To Attach Leaf Aptus DM 22 /...
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    Canon 45mm TSE tilt/shift

    For sale is my Canon 45mm tilt shift lens. This was bought new by myself 6 weeks ago from my local dealer. Receipt will be included for warranty. The lens is 100% mint, no flaws or issues I can find. I used this a handful of times. It comes complete in the box with all original contents...
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    Leaf Aptus 5 & Hasselblad V lenses

    For sale is my Hasselblad digital system. It's an awesome system that has served very well. The image quality is spectacular. I'm shooting more SLR's these days and this system has not seen much use. I can send more pictures of any item. This forum is limited to 25. -Leaf Aptus 22 II (Leaf...
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    Settings for landscape on a Leaf Aptus II

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Leaf Aptus II back and am wondering about suggested settings on it. I'm using it mostly for landscape & architecture. Any thoughts on these settings would be much appreciated. Under the "Image Settings" menu 1)Development Curve 2)Color Management. On or off ...
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    Mamiya 210mm ULD

    For sale is my Mamiya 210 ULD lens. It's in good shape, shows some light rub marks on the outside. It works well and is very sharp. The hood is built in. The front cap is a generic brand. Price is $400 shipped in the US. Payment via Google Checkout, checks or money order. Shipment...
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    Mirror Lock Up on Hasselblad 503CW w/ Aptus

    This may be a dumb questions but... I just received my Leaf Aptus II 5 for my Hasselblad 503CW. If I use mirror lock up/pre-release the back says "an image was not recorded" (or similar) Is it not possible to use the pre release with a digital back ? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Mamiya 645AFDIII, Aptus 22, lenses, etc

    I'm selling off my Mamiya 645 system and sticking with Hasselbad V gear. All prices include shipping in the US via your choice of Priority Mail or UPS ground. Payment via Google Checkout, checks, or money orders. For those unfamiliar with Google Checkout you can pay with any credit card or...
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    WTB: Digital Back for Hasselblad V

    I'm looking to pickup a digital back for my Hasselblad V. I'm still exploring options but let me know what you have. Thanks -Brian
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    SOLD: Mamiya 645AFDIII, Leaf Aptus 22, & lenses

    For sale is Mamiya 645 system. I bought this as an experiment and while the results are excellent, I'll be sticking with my Leica system. I'd consider a partial trade on a Hasselblad 500 series body and lenses. -Mamiya 645 AFD III Body. It's in pretty good shape, signs of use, nothing...
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    Mamiya 50mm Shift Lens

    Price: $600.00 Payment method: Google Checkout Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: Priority Mail shipping included in price. For sale is my Mamiya 50mm shift. This fits the 645 af and mf cameras. I bought this for 1 project and no longer need it. This was...
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    Problem installing ICC profile for Hot Press Bright

    Hi All, I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem or has a solution. After downloading the driver from here... I get the following error on install. I've tried this on two different macs both running the most...