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  1. ndwgolf

    One for the X1D II crew

    Ive had my X1D II for maybe a year now but really not used it or any other camera during the last 12 months .....but for some reason Ive got the bug again to go out and take some pictures. I have 3 x XCD lenses 45P, 80 f1.9 and 135 f2.8. On Saturday I'm going to shoot some young monks walking...
  2. ndwgolf

    Hasselblad V lenses on X1D II

    Guys, Has anyone used there old V lenses on the X1D body? Im going on my first photo trip since COVID so excited to be going all around Northern Thailand for a week shooting anything and everything. Im taking my X1D II plus 45P 80 f1.9 plus 135 f2.8..............I am also thinking of taking my...
  3. ndwgolf

    Heart warming Leica S story

    I bought into the Leica S system around 2012 starting with the Leica S006 with 3 x S lenses (S30mm CS, S70mm and S120mm CS), and later I upgraded the body to the S007. All 3 of my lenses had to be returned to Leica probably within the first 6 months of using them due to the now commonly known...
  4. ndwgolf

    Leica S007 Body PLUS 3 x S Lenses (Package) REDUCED

    Like New Leica S007 Camera Body (NO BOX) PLUS I will add 3 Leica S lenses S120 CS. S70mm (Brand new) S30mm CS Lens .............(Note all lenses have just returned from Leica in Germany after having a complete service and overall All of the above can be yours today for only USD10,000,00
  5. ndwgolf

    Leica S120 Macro CS

    Leica S120 Macro CS (Amazing for Portraits too). This lens in in mint condition (Just last week it was completely serviced and overhaul by Leica in Germany). It comes with both lens caps and hood......ON B&H its a $10k lens, selling today for USD$3700
  6. ndwgolf

    First few days with the X1D II

    Nice to be back photographing with a smaller camera system rather than my usual D850 600mm f4 (Birding rig up) First impressions its nice and compact/light and fits well in my larger hands. I initially bought the body with the 135mm XCD lens.......I was surprised how big that 135 lens is but...
  7. ndwgolf

    Hate to ask but?

    I currently have a Gitzo GT3452L and used it with my H6D100c Brick and currently use it with my D850 with 600mm f4 lens for birding. My wife has a Sirui T-1204XL and she uses that with her D500 and 500mm f5.6. I'm thinking that her tripod would be plenty big enough for the X1D but unfortunately...
  8. ndwgolf

    Sling bag for X1D

    I'm looking for a sling type bag for my X1D plus 3 lenses (135, 80, 45p). I looked at this on B&H but has mixed reviews as to whether it is big enough or not?
  9. ndwgolf

    Anyone using the Black Rabbit sling on the X1D

    Guys Anyone using the Black Rapid sling on the X1D? Neil
  10. ndwgolf

    X1D and V lenses help

    I have my new X1D II arriving on Monday. I have initially bought a XCD 135mm (here already) I also have my V lenses (250mm super combat in particular) and my 55mm Zeiss Otis. Question, when using the V lens on my X1D, Im assuming that you set the lens shutter to B, set aperture then manual focus...
  11. ndwgolf

    Lens foot for the Kipon HB-X1D adapter

    Has anyone tried fitting a Lens collar on the HB-X1D (V Lens) Adapter. B&H have one for the Hasselblad X1D to H lens adapter but not the Kipon adapter. I don't fancy spending ~$200 to find out it won't fit Neil
  12. ndwgolf

    Which V lens is best on X1D

    Which Hasselblad V lens would work best on my new X1D II..........Distagon 4/50 or my Distagon 4/40.........I don't want to take them both. I only have 1 XCD lens the 135mm (without TC) so want something wider for landscape in Northern Thailand Plan is to shoot portraiture and landscape Neil
  13. ndwgolf

    Must have X1D II accessories ??

    Guys I have just bought a new X1D II from my friends shop in Malaysia and will have it shipped to Thailand next week, I also have the 45p and 80mm lenses on order but its looking like 2021 before I will get those, so in the mean time yesterday I bought a new XCD 135 f2.8 from B&H as my preferred...
  14. ndwgolf

    Three days in Bangkok

    I want to travel light, but only have two systems ....... Hasselblad 503CW with 80mm f2.8 or a Leica S007 with 70mm What do you guys reckon? My feelings is this, I have got a 907x on order so leaning towards the 503CW as I plan to use the 907x on my 503CW Neil
  15. ndwgolf

    X1D II or maybe a III

    Guys Im thinking of buying a new X1D II ..............I’m just throwing it out there, is there a X1D III on the horizon maybe? Neil
  16. ndwgolf

    Going back to Full Frame DSLR

    I've had all the top end MF cameras and everything Leica has thrown at me, but I find myself going back to everything that I've shot with my Nikon gear and think man I've waisted so so much money with all that fancy gear when my Nikon images are as good if not better than all the hype. Anyone...
  17. ndwgolf

    Tanzania Revisited

    Due to the COVID 19 Lockdown I decided to revisit my pictures that I took back in 2015 of my 9 days Safari in Tanzania.................if you have never been on a safari you should add it to your bucket list....amazing amazing amazing Below are some JPGS if you want to have a look at them in...
  18. ndwgolf

    What causes this

    What causes this fringe around the it camera shake or something else. THis is a JPG of the un edited RAW file? Thanks Neil
  19. ndwgolf

    The Leica Picture Thread

    Anything shot with a Leica
  20. ndwgolf

    Fun with Q2 shots

    Leica Q2 in Hokkaido Japan