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    Hi! MAMIYA RZ67 PRO II AE PRISM FINDER FE701 (MINT) AE PRISM FINDER FE701 for MAMIYA RZ67 PRO II 430€ perfect condition Box / Cap / Eyecup Available in Paris Shipping worldwide #rz67 #mamiyarz67proii
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    I’m selling the 135 PANORAMIC ADAPTER KIT AD701 for Mamiya7 & 7II. Good condition. 350€ / 400$ Shipping worldwide Available in Paris
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    WTB Phase One DF V-Grip Air

    Hi, I’m looking for a phase one V grip for DF+ In good shape. Thanks
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    FS: Mamiya 7 - 135 Panoramic Adapter Kit AD701

    The Mamiya 135 Panoramic Adapter Kit allows the use of 35mm film to be used in the Mamiya 7 & 7II camera and produces images on the film that measure 24 x 65mm. Cheap alternative to buying Xpan. 16 exposures are produced with a 36 exposure Very good condition 415$ Based Europe but ship...
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    WTB: MAMIYA RZ67 M 50mm F4.5 L ULD

    Hi all, I’m looking for this lens: MAMIYA RZ67 M 50mm F4.5 L ULD feel free to contact me. Thanks
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    WTB: Phase One 120mm AF Macro f/4.0

    Hi all, I’m looking for this lens: 120mm AF Macro f/4.0 (Not the BR serie) Thanks
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    FS: Sliding digital back Arca Swiss

    Hi, I'm selling this sliding back for Arca Swiss (6X9 - 110) For V mount but you can find some adapters for others mounts. Plaubel PL70 Very good condition Shipping worldwide Here are the photos
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    WTB: Schneider Apo Digitar 43mm XL for an Arca F

    Hi all, I'm looking for this lens: Schneider Apo Digitar 43mm XL for an Arca F. Regards
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    Tech camera’s Wide angle W/ P65+

    Hi all, I’ve just bought a P65+ which I would like to use on my Arca F 6x9 C. I do interior and architecture photography and I’m a little bit lost with the different lens available: DIGITAR SK 35 XL, SK 34 XL, SK 47 XL. I don’t know well the Rodensrock models Which one is more suitable for my...
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    Hi from Paris

    Hi, I’m amateur photographer from Paris. I’ve just bought a P65+ which I will mount on different cameras like Arca F line and my RZ67. Old DB but I think it’s a good start. You can see my photographs on my Instagram