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    Leica S #14429 battery, L plate, tripod plate

    Leica 14429 battery for S2 and S 006 (not 007). Holds a good charge but has a small chip at the bottom. Kangrinpoche L-plate and tripod plate in Arca Swiss quick-release format. Both form-fitted to the S/S2/S007. The L plate is weaker than the RRS version. The "L" can flex if force is applied...
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    Alpa sync release mark ii bottom screw

    Hello all, what is the purpose of the brass screw that goes into the bottom of the Alpa sync release mark ii? I mean the screw on the right in this photo Thank you.
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    Alpa-mount Rodenstock HR-S Digital 60mm f/4

    Rodenstock Apo-Sironar (same as Digaron-S) 60mm f/4 digital lens mounted in a Copal 0 shutter and an Alpa helical focusing mount made by Fotoman. The mount fits well but the focusing ring does have some play. Parallelism is well maintained. Infinity setting can be fine-tuned easily by...
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    Schneider Apo-Digitar-L 80mm f/4 in Copal 0

    Schneider 80mm f4 Apo-Digitar L-59° in Copal 0 Front and rear coatings both have slight, superficial blemishes. The shutter sounds accurate but the dial is a little sticky, requiring two fingers to move. Other functions work as intended. $350 shipped
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    Alpa 12TC with Rosewood grip, Hand strap, and tripod mount

    A small ding on the top part of the hand grip, some wear on the tripod mount, and a few of spots of paint loss on the interior edges of frame. $2000 shipped within US. International shipping at cost.
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    Schneider Digital lenses with “clicky” aperture rings

    Is it generally the case that Schneider Digitars in their original configurations come mounted in Copal shutters with aperture rings that “click” (are not stepless)? And Rodenstock HR digital lenses are stepless? Thanks
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    Does anyone like the Alpa 12TC finger grip?

    Hi, has anyone compared the 12TC finger grip with the rosewood grip? I understand the former lets your pinky dangle (and maybe also your index finger?). Is it insecure and uncomfortable? Thanks.
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    Alpa 12 side grip hex screw = 4.5mm?

    The hex screw in my Alpa 12TC's side grip is too small for 5mm but too big for 4mm. Am I right to assume that it is 4.5mm? Thank you.
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    WTB: Alpa Viewfinder

    Please PM me total asking price and location if you have one available for sale. Thank you.
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    40 sheets of 4x5 slide film - Kodak E100G, Fuji Provia and Velvia 100

    For sale for $100 + shipping are 40 sheets of 4x5 slide film: 20 sheets of E100G, expired 12/2013; 10 sheets of Velvia RVP 100, expired 1/2019; 10 sheets of Provia RDPiii 100, expired 12/2008. All purchased in June/July 2019 and frozen since. All are in 10-sheet sealed packets, in a single box...
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    Sinaron SE / Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm and Schneider Apo-Symmar 120mm

    Two large format lenses for sale: 1) Sinaron SE 150mm f/5.6 in Copal #0. This is equivalent to the Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-S 150mm. Lens was professionally serviced in December 2018 (receipt included). Optics are blemish-free with a minor and normal amount of dust. Aperture and shutter work...
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    Phase One P45 vs P45+

    Hello, aside from long exposure and Sensor+ functionalities, what are the major differences between the two backs? This post compares the P25 and P25+ and says the latter has a better screen, better color, and better dynamic range. I assume the same is true for the P45/P45+...
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    Start-up times of P25+, P45+, and Aptus 75S

    How long do these older backs to take to be ready to shoot when you turn them on? Is one of these faster than the others? And are IQ backs a lot faster than these? Thank you.
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    WTB: Alpa 12TC

    If someone has one to sell please PM me! Thank you.
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    Alpa 12TC weight? lists the Alpa 12TC's "ready-to-shoot" weight as ~1570g: The Phase One A-series' weight is given as ~1900g. Am I right to assume ~1570g includes a wood grip, a viewfinder, and a digital back but no lens, and ~1900g includes the...
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    Phase One P vs IQ backs-- physical characteristics

    Are the P+ and the new IQ backs physically different? They seem to have different shapes and have different button placements. Beyond that, do they have the same thickness (front-back) and weight? Thanks!
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    SK Apo-Symmar 120mm in Copal #0

    Schneider Apo-Symmar 120mm in Copal #0. Small nick on the front coating, a few dust specks. Otherwise perfect optics. Very sharp copy. Mechanics are perfect. Shutter speeds are accurate according to my casual testing. Cosmetics are excellent with light wear. The "h" in "Kreuznach" is missing...
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    Leica Summarit-S 70mm f/2.5 with caps and hood - $1500

    100% functional, perfectly clean glass, with cosmetic wear around the hood flanges and barrel. See photos. Comes with front and rear caps and hood only. No box or paperwork. The lens hood fell apart and was glued back together (not by me). Now it's slightly ovoid in shape and requires some...
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    Leica S 007 and Summarit-S 35mm

    S 007: fully functional, all packaging and accessories. Very minor signs of use, in the form of subtle marks visible under oblique light and otherwise hard to notice. - USD 7500 S 35mm lens: perfect optics and function. Minor sign of use (one white spot). Comes with hood and caps. Has not had...
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    Leica Super-Elmar-S 24mm

    Lens, B+W uv filter, caps, and hood only. No box or packaging. Perfect optics and function, excellent cosmetics. This lens does not have the AF motor upgrade yet. $4250. International shipping available at cost.