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  1. Atracksler

    Seriously considering switch from Sony to the sl 601

    I’ve been shooting Sony pretty much exclusively for the last few years, I had the original A7, a 6400, a few rx100, and lately the A7 r3. I did have a short stint with the Hasselblad H3 before a hand injury, which made it too big and unwieldy, though I loved that. The only one I really liked...
  2. Atracksler

    FS: Hasselblad HC 80mm, HC 35mm, and 26mm Extension Tube

    Sold my H Camera, so I don't need these guys anymore. Wonderful lenses. 80mm: Good condition. Comes with Hasselblad Back Cap and Non-original Minolta Front Cap as well as Hasselblad Hood $700 35mm: Good condition. Comes with Hasselblad Front and Back Caps, Hood. $700 26mm Tube: $120...
  3. Atracksler

    Hasselblad H3D 39 with 35mm + Extras

    Had listed this before without the 35mm lens, but I'm adding it in as a kit: A beautiful camera, but a recent accident makes this too big for me to use, unfortunately, the files are gorgeous!! I tried to make it a complete kit before my accident. Kit includes: Hasselblad H3D HC 35mm 3.5 H3d...
  4. Atracksler

    Wtb Laowa probe lens

    Looking for a laowa probe lens in Sony e mount.
  5. Atracksler

    WTT. HASSELBLAD HC 35mm for 120mm

    I’m not using my hc 35 nearly enough and would use a 120 more, maybe you have a 120 and you’d like a 35.......
  6. Atracksler

    Hasselblad lens for tabletop/product

    Looking to expand to a tabletop/product shot lens. On my Sony system, I find myself using the 90mm macro and the 24-105 f4. What would be a good equivalent lens for the H series?
  7. Atracksler

    Fuji 680 mirror wont return.

    I recently got a Fuji GX680, I'm doing some testing and when I take a shot, the shot goes off, but the mirror does not return, requiring me to turn the camera of and turn it back on in between shots. I hanged the batteries and they re fresh. Any ideas? Batt OK and warn lights are flashing...
  8. Atracksler

    FS: Calumet Caltar S-II 210mm 5.6 Lens

    Beautiful lens. Comes with non-original front and rear caps. $175. Shipped and paypalled. Open to trades for GX680 Lenses
  9. Atracksler

    FS: Linhoff Select 90mm f 5.6 in Prontor Professional Shutter

    Beautiful wide angle lens. No caps, some small polishing marks on front element, a tiny bit of brassing on front (see pictures) $275. Shipping and Paypal included. Open to trades for GX680 Lenses.
  10. Atracksler

    FS: Hasselblad H3D-39, Image Bank, Focusing Screens, RRS Bracket

    A beautiful camera, but a recent accident makes this too big for me to use, unfortunately, the files are gorgeous!! I tried to make it a complete kit before my accident. Kit includes: Hasselblad H3Dii H3d 39 CCD Back HVD 90x Viewfinder 2x 3200mhz batteries 1x 1850 mhm battery 1x CR123 battery...
  11. Atracksler

    Suzanne Jogmans

    I came across this while working today, don't know if anyone knows anything about her, but I was blown away by the work.
  12. Atracksler

    Phocus CF Card workflow question

    When I open Phocus, I can see my CF card in the file system, WHen I highlight it, I can't see any of the images. My workaround has been to move them to a folder n my desktop and imort them to a NAS for storage. This seems like a lot of extra work, for example in lightroom, I can just import...
  13. Atracksler

    WTB kapture group 680 adapter

    Looking for a 680 cable adapter setup for a hasselblad h and Fuji gx680. Maybe you have one you’d like to sell..
  14. Atracksler

    FS: 2010 Mac Pro 12 core 3.33/64GB/2x Radeon 5770

    2010 Mac Pro 2 x 3.33 6 Core Xeon 64 GB RAM 2X AMD Radeon HD 5770 1TB Solid State SATA Drive 2x3TB SATA Drives Images: $600 Would be interested also in a trade toward a Laowa probe lens.
  15. Atracksler

    Hasselblad h back shutter sync cable

    Is there a special cable to connect a h back with a view camera sync port? Or will any 1/8 > x sync cable work?
  16. Atracksler

    Lightphase sliding back. What camera?

    I’ve got a Lightphase sliding back for my HD 39. Looking at a Sinar P or a horseman 450, will both of these work with the sliding back? I’m concerned about the tilt mechanism on the horseman. Appreciate any and all advice.
  17. Atracksler

    FS: Hasselblad H2 Body HV90x Finder RRS Bracket

    SALE PENDING Hasselblad H2 body with a lot of use. The body has scratches on it, but works. I can power it up and the camera appears to work. There is an autofocus issue, but the camera works with manual focus. Comes with the CR123 Battery Pack. $150.00 Hasselblad HV90x Finder. Works well...
  18. Atracksler

    WTB. broken hasselblad h lens

    Looking for a broken hasselblad h mount lens for a /project idea I have.
  19. Atracksler

    WTB. Broken Hasselblad H mount lens

    Looking for a broken Hasselblad H mount lens for a frankencamera experiment.
  20. Atracksler

    H3D Battery life?

    I'm using the CR123 battery grip for my H3D 39 and im finding that I'm getting maybe 30-40 shots before the batteries give up the ghost. I have a bunch of the 750mAH rechargeable batteries that I'm swapping out. Is this battery life normal? or is it short? Would I be better off with the H3200...