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    Batis 25 and Batis 85 - Availability and Experiences

    Would that be the Allen's in Levittown, PA?
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    Capture one 8.3.3 now supports Panny GX8

    I just received a GX8. My first impression was that it is big. It is the same size as a Sony A7II and bigger than the GX7 by a bit. Of course, from a system point of view the lenses are much smaller(...but you you all know that). It feels great in the hand. It will be visiting the Eastern side...
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    X100T in Istanbul

    Jim, a wonderful set. You captured the feeling of the city as I remember it. Nice job taking and post. Chuck
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    New A7II Users Reports

    I may not be understanding the question, however, I feel a distinct half stop feel for focus lock on the shutter button. I have not used any of the earlier A7 cameras, but to me the shutter is firm and feels very good. The sound is interesting and I am getting used to that. Chuck
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    Fun with the Zuiko 40-150 f2.8

    Interesting point. I have never thought of a lens as too perfect. So far I like this lens.
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    Yes, I think I would be able to live with this lens

    I picked up my lens yesterday at Samy's in Santa Barbara, CA. Although it is an hour away it is my B & M of choice. It is usually a very nice hour. The box it comes in is amazingly big for a m43 lens. Fortunately, the lens is very reasonably sized. Although there is off and on rain today I took...
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    Uwe Steinmueller

    My apologies if someone already posted this. There is a topic on Imaging Resource today saying that Uwe died August 8th. I have always admired his images on this site and elsewhere. He is survived by his wife Bettina. His partnership with her was amazing. All photo signed B & U Steinmueller. It...
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    X-E2 and X-T1 finally supported by Aperture

    All right!
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    X-T1 first impressions...

    Exactly. And why for most of us, all the systems being discussed produce excellent IQ, but how we communicate with the camera and how it communicates with us - is key. Chuck
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    EM-1half shutter press :-(

    It seems like a very normal half press. It is very smooth, but it feels like I'm pressing halfway. Then the slightest resistance and shutter is triggered. I agree with Godfrey, feels like E-1. I also have a Fuji X-E2, and it is smoother and more precise feeling than that shutter. I can't...
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    Fun with the Olympus E-M1

    Poinsettias in the rain. Just purchased the Oly 60mm and this seemed like a good opportunity to try it out. E-M1, 60mm, 1/20th, f5.6, ISO 200 E-M1, 60mm, 1/30th, f6.3, ISO 200
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    The XF 23 f/1.4

    A very nice and mysterious image. Thanks for the information on the 23mm. Chuck
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    Zuiko 75-300 - is version II an improvement on the E-M1

    One plus for the Panasonic 100-300 is that you can order a tripod ring mount that works very nicely. Here: Rudolf Rösch Feinmechanik Even though it is in German, I was able to order it, because they responded to my English inquiry. Chuck
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    Fun with the Fuji X ___!

    Re: Fun with the Fuji X-E2 Nice wedding shot, Jim.
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    Fun with the Olympus E-M1

    Visit to Yosemite Glacier Point E-M1, ISO 200, 12mm, 1/160, f4.5 Valley View E-M1, ISO 200, 12mm, 1/60, f6.3
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    OM-D E-M1 Shipment Notification

    Godfrey, I hope the local Olympus rep is correct. Now that I have an E-M1 it would be nice to pair them.
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    Gh3 L Bracket

    Nice to know Ron. Thanks.
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    Fun with the Lumix G X Vario 35-100mm f/2.8

    Every year from about Feb 15 to the end of Feb, Horsetail Falls, on the face of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park lights up at the end of day if it is not cloudy in the Central Valley. If the falls are really going it looks like a lava flow. This year, not much water, but a nice light and a...
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    Fun with Panasonic GH3

    The San Francisco Bay Bridge has long played a distant second fiddle to its' glitzier relative. However, the artist Leo Villareal has designed a light show on the western span of the Bay Bridge. 25,000 LED lights provide a light show every evening for the next two years. It can be seen from many...
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    Gh3 L Bracket

    Re: GH3 L Bracket Good idea Paul. Here is the very quick response I received from RRS: We are intending to make a plate for the GH3, however we still need to receive one in house in order to design a plate for it. Once we are able to get our hands on one, it is usually 4-6 weeks until we are...