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    GFAE CapCam

    I have been exchanging emails with them for about a year, but, even tho' they showed a prototype at Photokina 2 years ago, they did not want me to tell you all until they were ready to ship the production model The most significant event for pro studio photography since the invention of the...
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    Great Uncle Teddy

    I am sure that many of us help their spouses in their businesses, but tomorrow my wife will have me in my teddy-bear suit, on stage, in front of 650 people, up to my waist in 40 baby ballerinas, with another 160 or so back stage. (My normal function is child catcher, or voluntary assistant...
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    But is it art?

    I thought that, with creative use of state-of-the-art digital, we might be able to cure the "only painting can be art" disease? I was talking to a gallery owner the other day, and she said: "A photograph is just what was in front of the photographer when (s)he pushed the button." So we still...
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    Going pro

    Experience I have done a little pro photography on and off over the last four decades, including a bit of child photography in the early seventies, all the brochure photographs (and a calendar shot) for my employer (a mower manufacturer) in the late 1970s. (They wanted monochrome and colour...
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    What price Sinar 54H?

    A Sinar 54H would fit into my system, but what would I have to pay? what would I need with it to make it work on an ELD555, 500 or Flexbody What would I need to make it work on a Sinar P3? I have a P3 sliding back adapter 800/400 firewire cable ¿What about software? The current owner...
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    Perspective Myth and Maths

    What do you think affects perspective? I had hoped that you could have answered each question, not just selected an option, but I cannot see an option to delete the poll, and do not know how to create a multiple-question poll?
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    BJP MF/pro content?

    The BJP (British Journal of Photography) used to be a respected magazine for pros - now they charge for their online mag, but on their website and in their free issue I see no tech cam, MFD or pro content. Do any of you read it (pay for it) or think it is worth the hassle and cost - or do we...
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    WA Sinar

    ¿What are the options for 100 degree field of view on a Sinar P3? I am working towards an Apo-Digitar 47XL in a 35mm sunken lensboard with a Sinar eShutter, bag bellows and the special Sinar sliding back that replaces the rear standard... any alternatives? Has anyone got anything similar to...
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    eShutter, Sinar

    I had a promotional email from Sinar about the eShutters - does this mean that they are shipping? ¿Has anyone got or ordered any?
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    GH2 for ambient dance & gym

    I hate single-on-camera-flash pictures - high contrast, dark background... but you can use room light as fill. Someone has to do it, and this Saturday I will be photographing dancing girls and gymnasts... mostly posed, but some moving or not very stable in a pose. I would like to avoid having...
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    Adobe Premier Pro 5.5

    I can get Premier Pro 5.5 for £380.4 by upgrading to Adobe Production Premium 5.5... is this the way to go for editing HD GH2 files, producing web sites etc? Most people with budget cameras do not have premium software - but I have premium software for MF kit... does premium software make a...
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    I am thinking of getting... GH2 + GF2 + 20mm f1.7, 14-140mm etc. and have a set of Nikon lenses, 3 Sinars, etc. As I appreciate tilt for control of the plane of sharpest focus, the Lensbaby seem an obvious accessory. Tilt with a (pseudo) DSLR with a view finder and long lenses (with still or...
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    Has anyone heard of Conboy? He is doing a Hasselblad Architectural location Studio Day just down the road (closer than Death Valley) ...but I cannot find a photo I like on his website: (Don't like the web site much either.)
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    Ultimate Landscape kit

    The Sinar P3 is good, but heavy for back packing - what about an F3? The Hasselblad H4D-60 is good for situations where there is too much movement for multi-shot. (You can use it hand-held too). ...looking forward to the battery pack for the H4D-60, Sinar is probably the ultimate...
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    HDR and Photomatix

    It seems that the last discussion on Photomatix ended three years ago and all the photos have gone.... and I think it was then a waste of time and effort. has anything changed? Is it possible to produce a good photo without the "HDR look"?
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    Photographs twice the price of commissioned painting

    I put a day's photography into a charity auction, and it was the highest price lot, making two or three times the price of paintings by competent artists - digital photography has come of age... and there are people out there that know it! (...but the £200 price was less than half what you...
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    Eizo contrast vs orientation

    In the second picture on post 5402 of this thread: On my Eizo CG211, the contrast seems totally different depending on the (portrait or Landscape) orientation of the screen. In landscape the breast is clearly visible, and hardly visible in...
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    New Epson Mac Snow Leopard drivers

    Has anyone installed and used the latest New Epson Mac Snow Leopard printer drivers... will they make my Epson Stylus Photo 2100 worth buying paper for? I am almost thinking of creating a Windows partition so I can use the proper printer driver!
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    High-end MFD

    There have been many posts about Pro-sumer and middle-of-the range MF systems... This thread is for your advice and experience re 39Mpx + Multi-shot systems and 60 Mpx + single shot systems. ... what are the current and up-coming options, and what are their relative merits, especially for...
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    Sinar 86H 48Mpx MS MFDB + eShutters

    I have been accumulating Sinar kit almost forever, all on eBay, including a sliding back and an LC shutter, and a set of Apo-Digitars, and I now seem to be placing an order for an 86H and 6 eShutters! This is seriously expensive kit, but it will allow me to use: daylight live view for...