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    Silver Efex Pro 2 (now here)

    Re: Silver Efex Pro 2 soon Woody, I downloaded Silver Efex Pro 2 asking for both Photoshop5 and LR3.2 versions and the software downloaded, executed and works fine in both programs on my MacBook Pro 10.6.6......Tom.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Jack, very nice B+W series......the sepia split tone is perfect for these...I like the visual geometry of the "Pipes'n Palms" .....Tom.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Jack, I love the split tone in your B+W photos. I currently use Piezography ( special edition K7 ink sets to get this same look in my art prints. The special is a mix of selenium and sepia carbon inks. Guy, the lake view is the...
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    Just for fun -- film or digital

    The first two are digital and the third is film.
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    Aluminum Prints

    I have used (AluminArteTM) ( Imagewizards (North Carolina) to print aluminum prints of my work in a framed 16"x20" sample size. They print up to 4'x8' feet. I think they invented this aluminum process. I liked the gloss white version best for my specific...
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    Back up cameras

    My medium format system is a 645DF, Phase One 40+......for backup I use a Canon 5D with three zooms and macro lenses. I will soon upgrade this to a 5D Mark II or equivalent......Tom.
  7. Z

    Show Your High ISO MFD

    ISO 3200, hand held, Phase One 645DF 40+, lens 80mm LS at F2.8, 6oth of a sec. (wild grape vine on Lake Champlain lake shore shale).
  8. Z

    Show Your High ISO MFD

    Rem, I think they were referencing the sensor plus feature like Phase 40+ and 65+ where the back is set to shoot at 10 megapixel (40+) or 15 megapixel(65+) in order to shoot higher 800 -3200 ISO... to be used when photographing similar pro SLR subjects / work......Tom.
  9. Z

    Show Your High ISO MFD

    When I first purchased my Phase One 645DF 40+ I did a quick snapshot sitting in my living room of what was on the coffee table......a bottle, my watch, and the corner of a black covered Lens Works magazine. This was handheld but I think I supported myself on the arm of a chair.....taken at ISO...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Re: Fair Haven River, Bristol, Vermont Fair Haven River, Bristol, Vermont, Phase One 645 DF 80mm LS lens, .3sec. at F22....Tom.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Re: Happy Halloween! Winooski Vermont pumpkin display taken with Phase One 40+ f8 ISO 100 10 sec. 80mm LS lens.
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    I recently shot some studio jewelry photos for a client...Phase One 645DF 40+ and 120mm macro D at F16.....Tom.
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    What do you do for living?

    I retired last year from IBM working twenty-eight years as a Communications Photographer specializing in semiconductor products. Still young 59 this year so I just started a freelance photography business in a small studio space offering product, portrait, editorial, event. I also sell fine art...
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    I have been busy using my new 645DF, Phase One 40+ system for commercial assignments so I have not been posting images. I got a chance the other day to take some personal photos I can share, an environmental portrait of my two grand children (taken on an overcast afternoon day with 120D mounted...
  15. Z

    Ordered my P40+ today

    I wanted to add....don't under estimate some of the older 645 non D lenses. I was shooting some engineers the other day for a corporate client and I needed a wider view so I put the 50mm shift lens on and to my surprise I found it to be almost as sharp and clean as the 80mm LS and 120 D Macro...
  16. Z

    Ordered my P40+ today

    Bill, great choice!....I know the feeling.....I just bought the same package a few weeks ago with a slight lens difference. So far I have the 80LS, 120D macro, 50 shift and 55-110 zoom. All worth the far the best digital camera system I have ever owned. The 120 macro is spectacular...
  17. Z

    Demo S2 at Kurland Photo(ebay)

    I have been a Leica R and M user since the 1970's......some I bought new but most on the used market. I have been a working pro and used Leica for my personal photos and other brands for paid assignments. I prefer the quality of Leica glass but I could never depend on service turn around time...
  18. Z

    Phase One 645DF lens choices,

    Jack, Guy, and Ken....thank you for the thorough lens review. This information will be very helpful to me as I build my lens kit. This is more information than I could find anywhere else on the web....thats what makes this one of the best forums!.......thanks Tom.
  19. Z

    Phase One 645DF lens choices,

    I recently traded my Leica DMR back for a Phase One 645DF P40+ with the 80mm LS lens. I will be using this for general photography assignments in areas of product, portraiture, corporate, event and B+W art. The last Mamiya system I owned was the original 645AF with a Leaf Valeo11 back, so am a...
  20. Z

    Leica APO-Extender-R 2X for sale

    Removed sale to ebay listing.