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  1. msadat

    need a bit of help from s owners

    i have noticed this couple of times on s 006 with the battery grip, if the battery in the camera dies/runs out, the camera is not usable even if the battery in the grip still has juice? has anybody noticed something like this
  2. msadat

    so we have SL2, the trend is mirrorless! how about S3

    I am heavily invested in the S system as I was in the R, and I am concerned we have reached the end of the road for the S. there was a prototype S3 that never made it out, there are no rumors or announcements. what do you guys think about the future of S? would they rollout the prototype? would...
  3. msadat

    leica optic prices going up in us by 25%!

    Due to tariffs by trump all optics (not camera) prices will be 25% more. some big shops have not changed their prices yet but its happening.
  4. msadat

    Leica sl2 should be around the corner

    Will it be a Leica camera or Panasonic wrapped in sl body!! Double the price either way
  5. msadat

    Confirmed: Leica, Nikon and Olympus won't be attending Photokina 2020

    I am not sure how to interpret this news! these companies have no new products or what! the cost of attending won't be that much for this size companies
  6. msadat

    Leica store Boston and no S

    I visited the store couple of days ago and they had no Leica S or any S lenses on display! When I asked, the answer was at some point when the next camera comes out when it comes out, we will have a display. Translation they don’t sell any Leica S, I wonder if any place sells new Leica S...
  7. msadat

    a leica s story and 4th of july

    We were in mammoth lakes for the 4th, and the town has a beautiful small parade; so i decided to take my camera with me and shoot some. I took my S 006 out of the case and snaped on the 70mm cs, as soon as I turned on the camera the AF motor died on the lens...
  8. msadat

    the new version of fuji cameras gfx/r 50 II

    After playing a bit with the gfx 100, I am so excited to see what Fujifilm will roll out next. The current gfx100 technology will surely roll down to the gfx/r 50!! Blurring the line even more between medium format and hi-rez 35mm cameras!. Imagine shooting with builtin ibis and 10~12 frames a...
  9. msadat

    processing large files 80 meg +, need a bit of understanding

    Looking at the current trends, it seems like all new cameras are heading up there in terms of files sizes. I know there are people here that already are familiar with processing these type of files. So how many images do you typically process each time? If you are using Lightroom, what is the...
  10. msadat

    the newfuji 100 meg vs the new leica s

    this time, i think Leica is in trouble with the s system (i have one), or they need a severe price adjustment on the new one
  11. msadat

    sr1 flash system

    this is/was an important issue for me as i did not want pick up more flashes. it seems that they will be using the m4/3 flash systems, all the flashes the point to, is what is out there for m 4/3. i am happy
  12. msadat

    panasonic sr1 cameras and impact on leica

    how would Leica compete with Panasonic when it comes to cameras. they have shorter cycles when it comes to rolling out new cameras and they are a technology power house. would leica be a lens partner then? i think in this deal panasonic did good. should we see a rebranding of the Panasonic new...
  13. msadat

    wonderful service from hasselblad usa

    i sent in my x1d with the front dial issue, the turnout time in service was 2 days, just amazing.
  14. msadat

    leica l mount lives and thrives!!

    a very cool thing that Panasonic and sigma will be partners with Leica and building lenses and cameras
  15. msadat

    i am so excited!! really

    that the new Nikons don't make me go and get one. have a fair amount of nikon lens but at best these are sony a7 look-alikes.
  16. msadat

    is it time for a new leica m? yes

    i think its time to see a new m-10 variation like a m10-p just about now
  17. msadat

    is leica m ready for an evf?

    i think so, the technology has advanced enough plus Leica can even take it a step further and put a great EVF in the camera. this will simplify the camera alot and they can pack a lot more technolgy into. or may be like the fuji x-pro 2 and make it a hybird
  18. msadat

    a very nice feature and well thought out by leica!! firmware update

    most manufacturers update the body and lens firmware independently but Leica combines both within the camera and it will update the lens automatically once attached!! this to me is brilliant!
  19. msadat

    Leica cl vs Sony a7iii

    The Sony is cheaper by 800usd and way better in everything. So me not getting cl
  20. msadat

    wppi in vegas

    spent about half day over there, to see what's new i can touch feel and looking for new tech. i came across Hasselblad, which is now part of djii, it is quite pathetic what has happened to this company , they had two or three cameras (i think two x1d , one h6d, all 4 lenses for x1d and one for...