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    Fuji GF670w plus Case

    Selling my much loved Fuji GF670w. My favourite film camera of all time. I am the second owner and it has worked flawlessly. US$2200 and I will pay the PP fees and courier costs.
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    Lens recommendations for CFV50c II on Actus G

    Apologies if this is the 90th lens recommendation thread but I can't seem to find anything out there for my situation. I currently have the X1D on my Actus G and find the lens restrictions at the wide end frustrating. I fell hard for the 907x/CFV50c II and am on the waiting list. I live in...
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    FS: Fuji GF670w, SK72 XL, Pentax SMC 75 Shift, Hasselblad CFE80

    I am exiting some of my gear to make my wife happy while I wait for the Hasselblad 907x + CFV50c II. All of the gear has been a regular user. If you want more photos please PM me and I will send some through. Fuji GF670w US$2900 + Leather case This is my favourite film camera and I am sad to...
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    Mamiya Sekor 50 Shift on Actus XCD

    Does anyone know if the Mamiya Sekor 50 shift will focus and/or have movements on a Actus XCD with standard rail and bellows? At present my widest lens is the SK72XL and I generally carry the Mamiya as well in my bag, so wondered if it might work with the Actus? Rather than buying a lens plate...
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    Possible trade: Horseman SW612 + 45 Rodie for a Fuji XT1/Xpan+45mm

    I am looking to down size. Had a big accident last year and days of carrying a heavy bag is over. So looking at the possobility of trading my nice Horseman SW612 + Rodenstock 45mm for a Fuji XT1/Hasselblad Xpan + 45mm.
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    West Palm Beach, Florida

    I don’t want to offend anyone but I am heading to West Palm Beach, Florida in late July for a couple of weeks training for a new business I have bought. Would anyone be able to tell me whether it is safe enough to carry my X1D? My normal style is early morning near water, under bridges or near...
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    Short-Mid range 3rd party tele options for X1D

    I had a life changing event at the start of October and as such I looking to change my photographic style to something a little safer. On Oct 6th I had a 10m fall onto sand here in Auckland while out with my X1D/30mm. Unbelievably as I fell I placed my X1D on the cliff edge so it survived. 8...
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    Best Medium format system for long exposure?

    On digital I only really shoot long exposure. Primarily water and rocks. Now that people have had the two mirrorless MFD cameras for a while, does anybody here shoot primarily long exposure with either of these systems? I have been tempted by MF for awhile and the only thing I have seen written...
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    WTB: 'G' adaptor for Mamiya Universal Press

    Looking for the fabled 'G' adaptor for my Mamiya Universal Press. Allows for Graflex/RB67 roll backs to be used on the Universal.
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    FS: Sony a7II - IR Ultra Color 590nm converted (Kolari)

    For sale is my Ultra Color 590nm converted Sony a7II. Camera was purchased from Kolari Vision December 2016. Has their hotspot coating. Will throw in 2 x 52mm filters 665nm and 720nm , both have hotspot coating. Really like shooting IR but I am looking to enter the MFD market and need the...
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    Samyang/Rokinon 24mm f/3.5 Tilt-Shift Lens on A7rII

    Has anybody had any experience with this lens on the A7rII in FE mount? My question centres mainly around the fact that I often like to shoot panoramas when hiking in NZ. Recently I climbed Ben Lomond in Queenstown and on the summit setup my Nodal Ninja 3, 21 Loxia and with the wind, setup time...
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    AF zoom lens choice for A7rII

    It is my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks which means I will have opportunity to add to my lens collection without any dramas from the better half. Have fully committed to Sony now and realise I don't have an AF lens option for social events or when I am on either motorbike or mountain...
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    Zeiss ZF.2 lens on Sony A99

    I read with interest a number of threads in 2010 regarding using some of the stellar Zeiss ZF.2 lenses on A mount bodies. I wonder if anyone actually went through with the Leitax conversion? I am very interested in either the 21/2.8 or the 18/3.5 for my A99. Recently exited Leica M9 system and...