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  1. JimGoshorn

    Joined The Fuji Crowd

    Well, after much research and soul searching, I got an XE-1. Lenses for it have all gotten good reviews and the lens map looks good. The colors appear wonderful after processing RAW files in Lightroom. It's the closest thing to my fond memories of my Nikon FM: small, light and fun to use. Still...
  2. JimGoshorn

    Fuji EVF Question

    Hi, A short time ago, I borrowed a GH2 which visually displayed changes in exposure, WB and Monochrome setting for example in it's EVF. Does Fuji X-E1's EVF display that info visually as well? If not, for those of you who also shoot with a camera that does, do you miss that when using the Fuji...
  3. JimGoshorn

    GH3 Manual Online

    For those of you who are interested: I posted GH3 manual online - just in case it is not yet posted by Panasonic: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
  4. JimGoshorn

    Will Crockett Answering GH3 Questions

    For those who might be interested, Will Crockett is answering questions over at DPReview Forum: Will's GH3 is in. What do you want to know about it?: Micro Four Thirds Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review Looks pretty interesting... Jim
  5. JimGoshorn

    Focusing Question

    While doing research on the M9, I saw a link to Leica's site: where they illustrate how the camera focuses. I understood the mechanics before looking at the site but I had never seen the size relationship between the focusing patch and the frame...
  6. JimGoshorn

    Best Matte Paper For High D-Max?

    I am thinking of experimenting with matte paper and would like to know which ones give the best D-Max with the newer Epson printers. Thanks! Jim
  7. JimGoshorn

    16bit Printing Advantages?

    I have heard that the gradients are smoother in 16bit but are there any other noticeable advantages to 16bit printing? Thanks! Jim
  8. JimGoshorn

    Paper Comparison Q

    Has anybody done a comparison of Epson Exhibition, Innova Ultrasmooth Glossy (rumored to be the same as Exhibition?) and Harmon Glossy FB Al? I have been using Epson Premium Luster and got a sample pack of Exhibition and unfortunately I saw a difference :bugeyes: What I liked better was the...
  9. JimGoshorn

    New Customizing PDF for 1D3 and 1Ds3

    Canon has posted a new PDF dealing with customizing the Mark III and post processing tips: How's that for my first post to the forums? :D Jim