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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    forums are always a place to find the truth about any thing. And also a place for free advertise, and also to find the chance to take distance from other "bad" professionals. Because Hasselblad sometimes choose "bad" dealers Lol i have found the best information always direct from Hasselblad...
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    right. two only for special editions. capture integration you always have the truth
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    directly. They will manage.Also the warranty of 907x is better than other products, it is two years. for X1D is only one. it looks something goes wrong with the back. every problem "has" a solution :)
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    after service for sure you will be very happy with your 907x camera, its an amazing system :)
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    Men. Those backs works for years and can take millions of pictures without any problem. I have been using backs for many years, some times for 12 hours by day. Believe me, your back will be ok after servicing. Do you feel it HOT in your hands? I mean, HOT. Do you? if not, if it is ok, as a...
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    it looks something is bad in your link card. do you try to change the cable por a new one? I recommend you tether tools usb c. Black version sure haha
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    Hasselblad 907x CFV II 50C error „Image sensor too hot“

    not normal. send the back to Hasselblad. It may happen only in extreme conditions, if there is not a hot environment as high temperature lights around or direct sun in summer, it is not normal. It happens to me working in summer last year with X1D body, for many hours shooting hundreds of...
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    Hasselblad 907x sold out

    in my opinion the system needs speed, not resolution. a 100MP will be slower... it I correct?
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    Question Using Electronic Shutter on X1D2

    after this two replies, in base of your question, I suggest you two options: - use your Pentax body with your Pentax lenses - go and buy a 120 XCD and enjoy one of the best designs ever Dont know what adapter you are using. But probably you will not have connections between body and lens. So...
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    Leica S mirrorless under development

    well. Actually, take a reflex system and move to mirrorless is a truly piece of shi* the size, what would you do with the free space of the mirror? Nikon and canon has done mirrorless from and old reflex system. Error. once again, Hasselblad has choose the correct path. Leica S reflex system...
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    How is the screen on the Phase One P30+ or P45+ back?

    terrible bad. sensor pure kodak magic small dynamic range, it is like to shot slides, no latitude, you just have to match the exposure. Can check the histogram, sure.
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    Digital Medium Format Question

    i am product photographer. For me it was a evolution, always looking for quality images :) I have tried canon and Nikon, Leica, phase one, Hasselblad, Sinar, Schneider technical lenses... That evolution brings me to Hasselblad, for me the best in terms of quality and price in second hand...
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    H is still working. you can check how H bodies are still used in the highest level of photography. Many photographers still likes more Hasselblad than other brands. Maybe phase one will take the medium format market in reflex. but, mirrorless will make them to design again a new platform...
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    central shutter, read the full sentence :) Fuji is a focal plane shutter friend :rolleyes:
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    Future of Hassy- Bleak or Bright?

    it always the same doubt, the future of Hasselblad. Once this doubt is cleared with a new Hasselblad announcement, the future of digital photography comes with a new record, as it is a top of design brand, last records unmatched: - Hasselblad the first and the only 54mm sensor back design with...
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    Fuji rendering?

    if you comes from ccd you will find in this cmos sensors: - Huge dynamic range. Big differnences, difficult to get contrasted images from direct shots, needs tons of curves and time to find your personal look. Strong point if need it and a warranty of exposure latitude. - Different colors. Less...
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    M1 Ultra

    what kind of pictures do you shot to find this computers slow?
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    Hasselblad HTS + extension tube: attachment order

    i have tried both and it works exactly the same way in my opinion, same picture quality. I don't understand how, but it works perfectly. If a combination is not possible the system will show an error message. The cool thing is most of the system possibilities can be mixed.
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    Hasselblad Macro - XCD 120mm vs V 120mm

    if you have a 907x go for the xcd. I am jewelry photographer and have use mostly HC and XCD and for that sensor XCD is the best option, a truly good design. Also has a really fine bokeh, modern and creamy, beautiful for portraiture and all kind of use you can try. It is not 1:1, I miss it. I...
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    Hasselblad 28 Sept 2021 "Beyond Classic"

    When you search for the Leica story there are so many models, versions, batches or special editions, than there is no people can make a line with all of them enumerated, only the brand, and even the brand doesn't know where are some of those historical cameras ( leica "0" has many units around...