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    Canon 300mm f/2.8 L IS II --- $5850 obo

    Used on one trip. As new... In original box, in trunk, with Hood and caps.
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    28mm M-Rokkor, Leica M bayonet mount

    Just returned from DAG for CLA and focus calibration. Did not have "white spots" This is supposed to be a good match for Sony A7 cameras but I have not tested the combination. Includes rear cap and original metal bayonet hood. Hood has some marks, as can be seen, bayonet works fine Refer to...
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    FS: Leica 21mm SBKOO 12002 Viewfinder, 18mm Zeiss Viewfinder

    Both with perfect glass, minimal signs of use. Leitz 21mm has the box. Leitz 21mm $275 shipped to USA Zeiss 18mm $195 shipped to USA (new these are $419) Will ship internationally via priority, express or Fedex per buyer's preference, at cost
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    Smokin' deal on the A7...almost free body!

    if you're Down Under... About $875 USD for A7 body, 28-70/3.5-5.6, and choice of a lens adapter (options include $399 Metabones Canon EF and the $350 Sony LAE4) Adapter options: Retail is $498 for the lens, $399 for the adapter...that means the...
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    A7 and A7R Shipping from Amazon Japan, $300+ less than US retail

    Amazon Japan - A7 in stock, ¥ 134,800 ($1350)
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    WTB: silver M9-P

    Please message me if you have excellent condition M9-P in silver with all boxes, etc. Thank you!
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    WTB Contax 645 80mm f/2 Lens

    Message me if you have an 80mm in good condition with perfect glass. Thanks!
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    OEM or aftermarket M8/9 batteries?

    I'm assuming the upper pair are aftermarket, the lower, OEM. Correct? Thanks in advance. :)
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    Fotodiox 'Light Cannon' (Speed Booster clone)

    Search results for: 'cannon'
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    Statement from Leica on M Delivery

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    Official Fuji Announcements

    New! X-M1, 16-50mm, 27mm, Peaking, 2nd Fn, WiFi - Fuji X News & Rumors - Fuji X Forum
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    Lightroom 5 Available for Download

    "Leica Camera is pleased to inform you that the latest version of Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 5 is available for free download to owners of the following cameras: Leica S (Typ 006), Leica S2/S2-P, Leica M (Typ 240), Leica M9/ M9-P, Leica X-System and Leica D-LUX 6." Log into the registered...
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    Contax 645 Lenses on Leica S

    Leica Camera is pleased to introduce the Leica S-Adapter C which will be available from this June. With this adapter, Contax 645 lenses can be used with the Leica S (Typ 007), Leica S2 and Leica S2-P cameras. The adapter enables owners of the Contax 645 system to switch effortlessly to the...
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    Anyone going to jump on this S2 auction? :)

    Leica S2 37 5 MP Digital SLR Camera 4022243108028 | eBay A google image search brought up this link. Further research brought up this ad from last year. Found it in a storage locker, new in box. Yeah, that gives some peace of mind...time to bid!
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    WTB: Alien Bees B400 (2)

    Let me know if you have a pair in good working condition.
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    Zeiss Touit Lenses

    Press Release: Zeiss Touit Lenses - Fuji X News & Rumors - Fuji X Forum
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    Leica Camera AG - Precautionary Check for all LEICA M (Typ 240)
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    FS: 35/2 ASPH

    This lens was sold new in February, so it has 3 years (less two months) left on the warranty. The previous owner will assist with any warranty service. Perfect, as new, box, caps, shade, case, etc. $2650 plus shipping and fees. Current retail is $3195. email me direct robert.jagitsch (at)...
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    Apple Aperture supports X-Trans

    X-Trans support in Apple's Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.05 - Fuji X News & Rumors - Fuji X Forum
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    FS: Sony RX100, new in box, unopened

    New these are $648. This one is $549 including shipping to the US. email robert.jagitsch at