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    A7r IV

    looks like a nice evolution of the genre, better focus, dynamic range etc. not sure of price yet. wonder if this will impact on the 50mp MFD or not? real time eye-af in movies. that’s quite cool. edit: $3500 USD
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    X1D or GFX lens options on Cambo Actus.

    I’m contemplating dipping back into MFD to use with my Actus is anyone using lenses like the 45 digitar 55 sinaron digital etc with either the X1D or GFX? I’m mostly shooting tabletop still life and currently use a A7rII. I know the 45 will not focus at infinity or even on a tabletop set-up...
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    Older metabones EF to E with A7rII issue

    I have one of the first metabones adapters for canon EF to E, the ones where there were flare issues which meant you had to black flock the inside, I used this with no problems on an A7r but now it will not stop the lens down on my A7r II. Will I have to buy a more modern version to get this...
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    MFD 'the look' conundrum

    So this is a blatant troll post but I promise no further flaming, bashing your equipment choices or shouting at you. A thought occurred to me last night and that was if I took my 120 apo-digitar (a superior MFD lens) and stitched a couple of frames with my Sony A7r using my cambo Actus would the...
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    10bit in OSX el-capitan?

    so 10 bit monitors have been enabled in el-capitan but you need a newish graphics card and a new iMac. intrigued by this i downloaded a 10bit ramp test tiff which shows you if you can display 10 bit images. i have an ‘old’ eizo CG241w and a macbook pro retina from 2013 with the 2 graphics cards...
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    The H5D-50c is now available at just £9,795

    PSA for those thinking of a new MFD camera. i guess something similar is happening in other countries
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    Rodenstock/Schneider lens info/experience with view cameras and A7r

    i can’t be the only person who is using an A7r and forthcoming mk II with digital panel lenses and a cambo actus or similar. however lens choice seems to be a bit of a minefield especially if buying secondhand and information on digitars, digarons, app-rodagons, sinarons etc does not seem to be...