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  1. K

    IQ3 100MP long exposure issue - shadow filled with red color cast

    +1!!! It is quite sad. Even though Voidshatter's info is quite a few times right he is wrong with his (lack of) communication skills and comes across as a naggy chronically unhappy and unsatisfied person (he probably is). Over and over again post after post the same arguments are repeated. Plus...
  2. K

    Where's MFD headed ?

    The current MFD product offerings are pretty stellar now that both Hasselblad and PhaseOne have outstanding camera bodies along with superb lens lines. Leica is lacking a bit in the sensor department but their body and lenses are also superb. My guess is that the next step would be a MFD...
  3. K

    A H6D100 in my Hand

    The word is Hasselblad designs and makes the shutters themselves in Gothenburg, Sweden. They design almost everything in house including the lenses but outsource some parts manufacturing. Straight from Hasselblad: "As any modern company, we have sub-suppliers that manufacture different...
  4. K

    Is there a compelling reason to move to MF?

    Yes, You can achieve a certain level of single image capture quality with the new 100MP Medium Format Digital Back that you can't with any smaller format digital camera available today. I say again, single image capture. Is it worth it? Each person has a different answer to that question...
  5. K

    Missing MFD and getting back into it

    Choosing a system is a very personal thing and without knowing you and talking to you in person it is hard to make a recommendation but ill give it a shot. Lot's of good info has been said already and I agree with most of it. #1 Choose your lenses and must have features then pick the system...
  6. K

    Which MF-Back or 5Drs - Studio & Landscape

    All the IQ1xx and IQ2xx PhaseOne backs come in Hasselblad V mount. The IQ backs are awesome and the best backs bar none. They have a great LCD touch screen and interface plus great tethering and image processing performance with C1Pro. It is downhill from there (worse screens and interface) with...
  7. K

    CFV-50C "promotion" continues

    Phase should sell the IQ150 at that price (even though it is a better back than the Hassy). They would have sold a bunch already and most likely gotten a lot of people into their system in the process (even though they sell it in other mounts which is part of what makes the back attractive to a...
  8. K

    Moving to MF

    Why do you want MF? What are you looking for to get out of it? I own a PhaseOne IQ160 and Hasselblad H1 and Arca Swiss tech cam setup besides a bunch of Canon DSLR gear btw so not trolling just wanna give you the best advice.
  9. K

    The Big Shootout of 2016: Phase/Leaf/Pentax/Canon/Sony

    I agree that no test will satisfy everyone so that is why one must do it's own testing if possible but even if a test is not tailor made to one's needs or quite scientific with a proper device (Like Lens Rental's Roger Cicala's Optical Bench Lens tests) one can get a lot of info out of it...
  10. K

    Some reflections on a 100 MP sensor for full frame 645

    Pradeep maybe it is a bit frustrating that technologically speaking (with what is already available) it is possible to make the camera system you want/need, today. But I doubt we are going to see it in many years to come. For some the A7RII is almost there (thanks to the usability of Canon...
  11. K

    645Z lens for comparison

    Why don't you fly to NY and assist in the tests?
  12. K

    IQ3 100MP technical camera tests: color cast, mazing artifact, tiling issue, DR etc

    Yunli are you ever happy or satisfied with anything? I will something Doug posted in one of the threads you linked to: Some of Wayne's issues with his particular IQ180 were mainly due to his back requiring calibration which was easily solved. Other's were fixed or greatly reduced with proper...
  13. K

    IQ3 100MP technical camera tests: color cast, mazing artifact, tiling issue, DR etc

    Well, the thing is, if you only saw and read what the handful (but the most vocal and prolific) posters on this forum (and the other one) post about the Phase backs you would think they are junk. They work hard at creating and looking for the very worst of these backs, the limits or failure...
  14. K

    Phase One IQ3 100mp. Shipping now. Full frame CMOS. HDMI.

    I have an AC7 OLED (Small HD, HDMI inputs and Cannon Battery Adapter (uses Canon LP-E6's)) and it was well under $1k. It is not full HD but works very will with my Canons. I would go with one of the smaller ones like THIS one.
  15. K

    Which MF-Back or 5Drs - Studio & Landscape

    Get the 5DSr. You have the lenses and the experience of working with the 5D3 which is quite similar in operation. Medium Format Digital is more than just extra resolution, it's the workflow, connectivity (tethering and image processing performance is amazing specially with the PhaseOne and...
  16. K

    Phase One IQ3 100mp. Shipping now. Full frame CMOS. HDMI.

    Interesting question. Even with limited shift capabilities on a tech cam it is more than you can have with all Medium Format SLR systems with the exception of the Hasselblad 1.5x HTS (that has a huge size/weight and $$ penalty). Also straight on the tech cam lenses are amazing and generally...
  17. K

    Phase One IQ3 100mp. Shipping now. Full frame CMOS. HDMI.

    I downloaded one of the (iso 50) Raw files from the IQ3 100mp and wow. About as perfect and clean as I have seen. It is of an outdoor town scene in bad light. Dynamic Range (shadow recovery) is stunning. I removed all of the (lens, noise, you name it, everything off or at zero) corrections and...
  18. K

    banding while silent shooting is enabled

    Stick to shutter speeds slower than 1/125 sec during silent mode shooting (electronic shutter) and the images should be free from banding. Unless you are shooting with sunlight and or flicker free continuous light (cinema) sources you will get banding due to the frequency of the light...
  19. K

    One year retrospectives (tech camera)

    My experience with the IQ160 and the 40mm HR-W is that f11 is my max on that combo, after that there is a noticeable loss of resolution, f14 is still good though since one is starting with a LOT of resolution and I have used it but at f16 the resolution loss is quite a bit and at f22 its huge...