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  1. olafphoto

    Extensive Hasselblad X2D coverage

    Our partner, Capture Integration, has an in-depth coverage of the brand new Hasselblad X2D 100c camera. When you order your camera through them, you support Thank you for this consideration!
  2. olafphoto

    What is your decision-making process when choosing your camera and lenses?

    I am currently considering a new medium format camera system. From my conversations with many photographers, this process is quite fascinating and different for each person (although there are some striking similarities). It would be wonderful to hear your own approach/ideas about choosing your...
  3. olafphoto

    Petapixel writes about ELEMENTS Magazine

    We trust you are enjoying this beautiful time of year. We don’t like blowing our own trumpet but Petapixel has written a great story about the ELEMENTS Magazine and we thought you might enjoy it as a nice summer read...
  4. olafphoto

    The new issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine has just arrived!

    Hello Everyone, The new June issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine has just arrived! First, an insightful and highly entertaining interview takes you inside the mindset of one the most successful Australian photographers, Christian Fletcher. Also this month we debut a brand-new technical section...
  5. olafphoto

    Under Evaluation!

    We are currently reevaluating this section of the website as it creates too many conflicts and it is NOT related to photography! I personally don't see the point of this section. There are plenty of political and social forums where such topics could be discussed. We don't have enough staff to...
  6. olafphoto

    A special issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine - CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT is here!

    It is our pleasure to present you with a special issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine titled, “CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT.” The cover image by Ansel Adams, sets the tone for the pages that follow. Inside, you will find the works of Bruce Barnbaum, Christopher Burkett, Charles Cramer, Michael Frye, R...
  7. olafphoto

    GFX 100s in stock

    Just wanted to let you know that our exclusive partner, Capture Integration has Fujifilm GFX 100s cameras in stock. And if you are a Medium Format Magazine subscriber you will receive one EXTRA year of full warranty, above the original warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  8. olafphoto

    Celebration of the print - ELEMENTS Magazine

    Hello Everyone, We are working on a special December issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine titled “CELEBRATION OF THE PRINT.” I am honoured to announce that you will find the writing and imagery of the icons of landscape photography. In the next few weeks, I will share more details about this special...
  9. olafphoto

    Stunning new project from Nick Brandt.

    We are working to bring you some insights into this project from Nick Brandt himself. For those of you interested in his extensive work you can find an insightful and exclusive interview with Nick Brandt in the May, 2020 issue of Medium Format Magazine...
  10. olafphoto

    EVENT ALERT: All about Medium Format

    As most of you know, the focus of the Medium Format Magazine has never been on gear itself but rather the excellent work produced by some of the best and most successful photographers in the world. Today, for a change, I would like to touch on the subject of gear. There is no question that...
  11. olafphoto

    ELEMENTS Magazine featured on

    Our friend Kevin Raber of just published a very thoughtful article on ELEMENTS Magazine. I hope you will read it and support his website.
  12. olafphoto

    The September issue of ELEMENTS Magazine is here!

    The September issue opens with an exclusive and in-depth interview with the one and only Michael Kenna. Michael has dedicated his time and effort to take us deep inside his photographic journey from the early days to his current projects. It is a tour-de-force interview with a photographer who...
  13. olafphoto

    The July issue of the Medium Format Magazine is here!

    Hello Medium Formatters, The July issue opens with an exclusive interview with Richard Lotte and Koop Van Benthem of CAMBO BV. Cambo is a manufacturer of high-quality, precision technical cameras and studio equipment many of our readers use and appreciate. On the following pages you will find...
  14. olafphoto

    The June issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine just arrived!

    Michael Frye, Nick Brandt, Rachael Talibart, Christopher Burkett, Michael E. Gordon, Alex Burke, Peter Eastway, Richard Martin and an exclusive, in-depth interview with Bruce Barnbaum await you this month. It’s a full 150 pages of the finest landscape photography and insightful editorials all...
  15. olafphoto

    The May issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine is here!

    This month’s celebration of the finest landscape photography begins with an insightful interview with the one and only Erin Babnik. You will also find carefully prepared articles by Freeman Patterson, Rachael Talibart, Marc Koegel, Tony Hewitt, Sandra Herber, Kai Hornung and Antony Spencer. In...
  16. olafphoto

    The April issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine is here!

    We are so grateful for your overwhelmingly positive reaction to our inaugural issue. Some of you joined our community and helped us to build a new home for the finest landscape photography in the world. Now we are thrilled to share with you the second issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine. Inside you...
  17. olafphoto

    We are delighted to announce the inaugural issue of the ELEMENTS Magazine!

    The vision of this brand-new landscape photography magazine has been in the making for a while. Now, after months of intense work curating and designing ELEMENTS by the team in tandem with the best landscape photographers in the world, we are now releasing the first issue. In this special...
  18. olafphoto

    Technical Cameras: Questions

    We are working on a featured interview with one of the producers of technical cameras. If you would like to drop a question or two, we may use it in the interview. Also, if you are working with technical cameras please let us know what would you like to see in future products. Thank you so much...
  19. olafphoto

    The February edition of the Medium Format Magazine is here!

    Hello Medium Formatters! We have a piñata of goodies for you to break into: an exclusive and insightful interview with one of the most successful celebrity and commercial photographers in the world; mesmerizing desert landscapes; personal impressions of the GF 80mm F1.7 lens; stories and...
  20. olafphoto

    February Cover Reveal

    I am so thrilled to share with you a cover of this month's issue of the Medium Format Magazine, which will go live on February 13th. The cover image was crafted by Robert Ascroft.