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    Question about 4K codec Sony A6300

    I have my camera set to 4K for movie mode, XAVC S, 100M. When I inserted the memory card into my computer card reader, the files were all MPEG 4. I am confused about what has happened. Why would the files be recorded as MPEG 4 when I specified XAVC s in the menu?
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    Distributing 4K Videos to Consumers

    I am planning on shooting a series of non-fiction videos in 4K this year. I had originally planned to distribute them on Blu-ray DVD's until I found out how expensive they are to duplicate. I am hoping that members of this forum can perhaps recommend some more economical methods of...
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    Hasselblad CFV50 v. CFV50c?

    I really like the colors that my CFV50 produces, but I hate the small LCD on the back and that I don't have Live View to check focus. Now Hassy has come out with a CMOS back, the CFV50c. I am concerned that the colors may not be as good as the CCD sensor in the CFV50. Anyone have experience...
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    Weight of 85mm Otus

    I am thinking about getting the 85mm Otus for my Nikon D810, but my concern is that the lens weighs more than the camera. Normally a heavy lens like this would have a means to mount on a tripod and hang the lighter body off the back of it. But the Otus does not offer this option. Anyone have...
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    'BACK' message on CFV-50 LCD--what does it mean?

    I was out shooting my 501CM with its new CFV-50 back when a flashing yellow box with the word BACK in black letter appeared on the LCD screen. I turned off the back and turned it on again--and again the flashing yellow box with BACK in it. I looked through the manual and could not find any...
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    Insurance for medium format?

    I have recently purchased my first medium format digital back and I am looking for insurance. Any recommendations for an insurance company? Particularly looking for recommendations from those who have filed claims with their insurance company.
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    Panniers for medium format system

    I have a Hasselblad 501cm and eight lenses that I want to carry on my bicycle. I am hoping to find two padded panniers for the rear rack for the lenses and a quick release bag for the camera that will attach to the front handlebars. All should have handles so I can pull them off the bike and...
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    Best place to buy camera insurance?

    My new medium format digital back puts me way over the limit on the camera equipment rider on my homeowner's insurance policy with AAA. I have been very happy with AAA. They paid immediately for the loss of an $8,000 camera years ago, but they won't budge on their limit ($65K). When I...
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    External viewer for Hasselblad CFV-50?

    The screen on the back of the CFV-50 is so small and coarse that I wonder if there is a way to review photos in the field right after they are taken on an external device like an iPhone or phablet that has a high quality screen? I see the CFV-50 back has a Firewire output. Could this be used for...
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    Any CFV-50 users on this forum?

    I am looking forward to the arrival next week of a CFV-50 for my 501C/M. I enjoyed using the camera with film before I went to digital 35mm and am now looking forward to using my favorite camera once again. Any CFV-50 users on this forum? Any photo made with this back?
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    WTB Casio EX-F1

    Must be in excellent condition with charger and battery. 100% rating on ebay as buyer and seller.
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    Anyone cut the nose off the Nikon?

    I have no use for the pop-up flash on my Nikon D800E and the housing for this protrudes out over the aperture ring on my Zeiss lenses so that I have trouble seeing what aperture they are set at. I was thinking of having the pop-up flash removed and the 'nose' with the large Nikon name in white...
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    64" canvas for Epson 11880?

    Looking for some good quality (similar to Epson Satin Canvas) 64" wide satin canvas for my Epson 11880. Can anyone recommend some sources? Thanks.
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    Epson to replace 11880?

    I see $2,000 discounts on the 11880. Is Epson soon to replace it with a newer model?
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    WTB LEICA R 280mm f4 tele

    Must be in excellent condition.
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    WTB Leica 280mm f4 APO

    Must be in excellent condition.
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    Focus bracketing Nikon D800E in Live View?

    I've read through the manual several times, and I can't figure out how to do exposure bracketing for HDR in live view. I want to focus and compose a scene in Live View, and then fire off 7 exposures (varying the shutter speed, aperture constant), each one a full stop apart. I would like to set...
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    Nikon D800E won't format SanDisk CF cards

    None of my Extreme III or IV cards will format on my new D800E. Tried through the Menu, and could not start format process. Pressed Mode+Delete and LCD displayed blinking For, showing formatting in progress, but images remained on card. Latest firmware already on camera. Any suggestions?
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    DIY Parabolic Microphone??

    For shooting landscapes, I thought it would be nice to have a parabolic microphone to to pick up distant bird calls and waterfalls. I'm hoping it might also reduce audio from people and cars behind me. The commercial ones run from $1,000 all the way up to $4000. Seems too costly for something...
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    WTB Phase One P45+ with Mamiya mount

    Must be in excellent condition. Prefer low actuations.