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  1. Junk Bond

    Capture One Youtube Video Tutorial Images Available for Download?

    Does anyone know if Phase One offers the images used in their Capture One video tutorials available for download. This would be helpful in order to follow along with. I know some of the images they use were shot by actual working photographers, so I can understand if that would be a road block...
  2. Junk Bond

    Anyone have feedback on RRS TFC-34 Fixed Apex?

    Looking at the TFC-34. The RRS website is missing overall diameter and weight information. How would this setup work with the BH-40 head?
  3. Junk Bond

    Guru Gear Kiboko 22L+

    The exterior shows some wear, mainly from being takin in and out of a closet. Primarily used to store gear, I've never actually taken it on a trip. Comes with rain cover and hip strap. Looking for $150 plus shipping.
  4. Junk Bond

    Lee Filter System Parts and Accessories

    1. LEE Filters Universal (Medium Wide) Lens Hood - $100, Buyer Pays Shipping and 3% Paypal Fee 2. LEE Filters Foundation Kit with 105mm Polarizer Adapter Ring and Formatt Hitech CPL - $125, Buyer Pays Shipping and 3% Paypal Fee 3. LEE Filters 4x4" Linear Polarizer Glass Filter - $100, Buyer...
  5. Junk Bond

    RRS TVC-3X Tripod, BH-55 Ball Head and Quick Column plus Carrying Bag

    $1200 OBO Buyers pays shipping
  6. Junk Bond

    Manfrotto 405 Geared Head with Hejnar Plate

    $350 plus shipping. Comes with everything shown.
  7. Junk Bond

    Phase One XF IQ140 80mm BR Kit Plus lenses

    Hi All, For sale is my Phase One XF IQ140 Kit. It includes 80mm Blue Ring lens, roller case, 5 batteries plus charger, XF power supply, Tether tools USB-C Cable, Hahnel remote, and all caps/covers. This was originally purchased from Capture Integration in 2016. Phase One XF IQ140 Kit Phase One...
  8. Junk Bond

    Color Navigator and Eizo CS2420 and Apple USB-C Issue

    I'm having issues getting Color Navigator to recognize my Eizo CS2420 via DP to USB-C connections on a 2016 Macbook Pro. The monitor displays the computer screen but when I open Color Navigator it says the "adjustment capable monitor cannot be found". I'm using a non Eizo cable since they do...
  9. Junk Bond

    Cambo Actar Lenses with A7 RII

    Does anyone have any experience using Actar lenses with A7 RII and Cambo Actus? Specifically 60mm, 80mm, 90mm and 120mm. There's not much info out there on these lenses besides the 24mm.
  10. Junk Bond

    Mamiya 55mm f/2.8 AF

    250 dollars or best offer. In good but used condition.
  11. Junk Bond

    Profoto 5, 10, 20 Degree Grid Set

    200 dollars for all 3 grids, includes an extra 10 degree grid that is in rough shape. The grids are in mint condition.
  12. Junk Bond

    Phase One XF and Miops trigger compatability

    I've been looking into a laser and sound trigger for the XF. Any issues or experience with using the Miops combined with the XF? Thanks
  13. Junk Bond

    Phase One XF and IQ140 Kit

    Putting this out as a feeler, not looking to divide stuff up. Total for Kit $15,000 Body, Back and 80mm purchased from CI 6/16 Includes everything below: Body and Back: These have only been used indoors in studio -Phase One XF with Prism Viewfinder + RRS L Plate Shutter Count: 3253 Mirror...
  14. Junk Bond

    FS: Mamiya Electromagnetic Cable Release RE402 for 645DF/DF+ Cameras (16.4')

    Price: $100 Shipped Location: Richmond, VA Used a few times. I upgraded to the XF and do not have a need for it anymore.
  15. Junk Bond

    FS: Used Profoto RFI Speedrings - 3 Available

    Hey All, I have 3 Profoto speedrings available, in very good used condition. 100 dollars a piece shipped USPS.
  16. Junk Bond

    XF Feature Update #3 Help Updating Camera

    Hey All, Tried updating my XF last night. The file I downloaded from Phases website is CP3.01.11.fwp. My XF and IQ140 are all up to date. I've tried multiple times loading the .fwp file onto my card and I keep getting the no firmware found error. Any thoughts? Is that the correct file? Thanks
  17. Junk Bond

    Profoto Acute D4 Flash Heads - 3 available

    Price: $650 each Location: Richmond, VA Shipping: Free - All lights work and come with cover. Light A Light B Light C
  18. Junk Bond

    Profoto Strip Light Small w/Barn Doors

    Price: $2000 Location: Richmond, VA Shipping: Free
  19. Junk Bond

    Profoto D4 2400R

    Price: $4100 Location: Richmond, VA Shipping: Free
  20. Junk Bond

    FS: Phase One Flexadapter Insert M645

    Price: $290 Shipping: $10 Location: Richmond, VA