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    Two Canon 5DsR bodies (50MP) full frame sensor with BG-11 Grip

    FS: Two canon 5DsR camera bodies (50mp) with BG-11 OEM battery grips. Excellent condition, no scrapes, bumps, dings or signs of wear. 90+ % used in studio. Fantastic cameras used for a project and now looking for new home. Long time GetDPI member. Paypal, USA sales only, shipping at cost...
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    Schneider APO Digitar 60mm F4 Copal 0 - Super Clean and Sharp

    Extraordinarily clean Schneider APO Digitar 60mm F4 Copal 0 lens. Perfect glass, shutter accurate, and no flaws of any kind on lens body. Ready to fit on your View or Tech camera Copal 0 board. reach out with any questions. USA sales only on this one. $845. OBO...send PM if you are...
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    WTB: 50mm Rodenstock HR-W f4 Digaron

    Interesting in locating a very clean 50mm Rodenstock HR. Preferably mounted for Arca R. Send PM with details, photos, contact info and asking price. USA only. Thank you, Robert B
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    FS: Arca Swiss ECloud for Arca Swiss R series Tech cameras - as new

    Arca Swiss ECloud in like new condition. If you have an Arca R camera this is an excellent way to absolutely nail focus with any DB...CCD or CMOS. The electronics in the Ecloud interface directly with the focusing ring on the Arca R camera and give you NP and FP focusing at 4 different...
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    FS: The elusive OEM Rodenstock Center Filter for the 32mm HR-W MINT

    Rodenstock OEM E86 centerfilter for the 32mm HR-W. MINT. In OEM Rodenstock case (also as new). The 86mm threaded filter features an oversized front thread diameter of 105mm to further prevent vignetting. Optimized specifically for the Rodenstock HR Digaron-W 32mm f/4 lens, this filter helps...
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    WARNING more scammers on Buy/Sell Forum User: Kingsleyscott

    More the same scam. User: Kingsleyscott Be careful out there when buying or selling. ALWAYS look at the number of post and join date of user. ALWAYS. Recent join date, zero post, states "I know I guy who has XYZ and here is his email" or I know I guy who is looking to buy XYZ" = SCAM...
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    Heads up: USER "CAR32" is likely fraud

    More of the same guys and gals: New registration, peruses the WTB ads, states he knows someone by the name of "Joe, mark, ted, etc" that may have what I want and here is their email. It's fraud, so be careful out there when you get a PM from new member with zero history. Robert B
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    WTB: 50mm Rodenstock HR-W f4 Digaron

    WTB: 50mm Rodenstock HR-W f4 Digaron, preferably in an Arca R mount. If you have one you'd like t part with PM me. Robert
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    Fraud Activity on BUY SELL Forum: Lawson30 + Watson90 !BEWARE!

    Its come to my attention that there are some "lurkers" who are preying on WTB adds in this forum. They search the forum for WTB post, then open an account, and claim they know of someone who has the item you are looking for and provide and email address to contact "them". NOTE: These users...
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    WTB: 50mm Rodenstock HR-W f4 Digaron

    Looking for a minty clean Rode 50mm F4 HR-W, ideally in an Arca R mount. If you have one PM me with photos and price. Robert B
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    WTB: 50mm Rodenstock HR-W f4 Digaron

    Looking for a clean used Rode 50mm f4 HR-W Digaron hopefully in an Arc R mount. Reach out if you have one with a price. Robert
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    FS: Schneider 55mm F2.8 LS Lens for Phase One XF

    55mm F2.8 LS Lens for Phase One XF. Mint / As new condition, used 3 times in studio, in OEM Schneider Box. Great lens, but rarely use the 55mm focal length for our work. $ 1,195. + $45 shipping/insurance lower 50 states (or we use your shipping account #). USA sales only on this one...
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    FS: Rodenstock 90mm HR APO-Sironar Digital Lens Mint

    FS: Rodenstock 90mm HR APO-Sironar Digital lens (unmounted) with Copal 0 in original Rodenstock box. The 90mm APO-Sironar Digital (pink ring) is the exact same lens as the "rebranded" 90mm HR-W (blue ring) according to Rodenstock. The current lens (HR-SW) has the yellow ring and is a...
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    FS: Kapture Group One Shot Cable

    "As new" Kapture Group One Shot cable. Great for Tech camera users with digital back and Copal shutter lenses. Reasonable offers over $250. considered, shipping at cost.
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    FS: Arca Swiss ECloud, Phase1 Sync cable, Wakeup cable and more

    Arca Swiss ECloud (Newest version) in as new condition and a new LI battery. Comes calibrated and pre-programmed for the following lenses: Rode HR 32mm, 40mm, 70mm, 120mm Schneider ASP. Arca can program in other lenses for your needs. Very handy and unique device, and not only helps one nail...
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    WTB: Arca Swiss Factum or FAC Frame

    Looking into purchasing a Factum or Fac frame with Arca handle. If you have one you'd like to sell, please PM me. Looking for USA based seller only this time. Thank you.
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    Xrite Camera Profiling Software

    While I don't doubt the ability of the Xrite software to make a profile I'm skeptical about the quality of that profile based on my past expereice with other systems that are far more advanced. My concern with the Xrite set up are regarding the aparent lack of sophistication of the process and...