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    Capture Integration: Shoot the Phase One XF & Meet the Imaging Professor 6/10, 6/12

    Capture Integration: Shoot the Phase One XF & Meet the Imaging Professor 6/10, 6/12 Get Hands On with the new Phase One XF & Meet The Developer Phase One XF Camera System Debut Join Capture Integration on June 10th at our Manchester, NH office for an open house. We are happy to announce...
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    Capture Integration Reports: Phase One XF/IQ 3: Information & Exclusive Content

    We're happy to pass along news of the new Phase One XF camera system. Check out our exclusive content and information below: An overview of the system: A hands on test done by CI staff on their trip to Phase One HQ...
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    Adjusting Phase One DF focussing screen

    Hi Bill, Have you checked the focusing screen to see if it's seated properly? Are you using a mask for a crop sensor back? You can see the procedure for how to adjust/reseat/add a crop mask here: Cheers, Chris
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    Need help

    Hi Bruno, That'd really depend on how wide you're shooting internally, and how much tilt you want. If you want to stay right around that viewing angle, I think that the 40mm HR might be a better choice, as it has a little bit more play than the 43mm, but it depends on a variety of factors, from...
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    Lightroom CC 32-bit HDR and P/P+ backs on tech cam

    Hi Dan, Any particular reason Capture One isn't agreeing with you? The LCC component alone made it worthwhile for some of our customers to soldier through it. As I tell a lot of people: Adobe engineers are American, and Phase One's are Danish. It sometimes takes a bit of translation internally...
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    Need help

    I've used the 43mm on the Cambo WRS-1200; you will not regret this setup, but I'd also recommend the 32mm HR lens. EXTREMELY sharp and awesome wide angle lens. Large image circle which is PERFECT for movements. Where are you located? We'd love to set you up with more information; feel free to...
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    studio tech camera choice

    Just to add in my 2 cents here...we recently had a customer send in two P2s to get upgraded to a DF. Effectively, they got two new cameras for $1050 USD each WITH digital focus, plus warranty on the new parts. They also are using the Sinar e-shutter and love it; with the USB controller, they...
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    Which Bubble Level Do You Trust?

    Definitely suggest top down. You may also want to make sure you check your electronic level occasionally, as it can drift.
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    Considering an Alpa w/P45+, please help

    The big thing with Capture One that I like to tell people is that while Adobe's engineers (and, therefore products) are American in nature, Phase One's engineers are Danish. The mentalities and design sense are very different in scope and way of thinking. Once you crack that C1 is way more...
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    Recommendations sought for great photo labs in Buffalo NY and DC

    Would Rochester NY be too far out of the way? Booksmart Studios founder, Eric Kunsman, was one of my professors in college, and runs his place right in downtown Rochester. He specializes in metallic prints:
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    IQ180 firewire connection - how sturdy?

    We sell a full line of TetherTools adapters, including the Jerkstop: It will effectively transfer the weight from the port itself to the jerkstop, meaning you're stressing the stopper instead of the connection with the weight of the...
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    Considering an Alpa w/P45+, please help

    John, we'd be happy to help you out through our Atlanta CI location. I know that they'd love to have you in to the office to try any of the gear you'd like (I know we have several P45s right now) as well as possibly making a trip out to you. Having the gear in your own hands is heads above...
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    Tech Camera Stitching & Tripod Head

    Both are good heads, as they're both geared. We have a lot more customers go for the Cube because of the advantages in the zero shift in rotating around the lens nodal point, but to satisfy your needs for stability, the D4 is not as stable in our experience as the Arca Swiss Cube
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    Hasselblad firmware update

    We are testing this firmware and hope to have a post up on our blog soon. We'll keep you informed.
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    Leaf Aptus II-5 or Aptus 65?

    I heard from Anthony that you're working with him regarding the back issues you're seeing, and I look forward to seeing exactly what (be it sync voltage, signal quality, or another thing) it is that's going on here. Glad we can take care of you!
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    Leaf Aptus II-5 or Aptus 65?

    One trick I picked up from talking to a few CI guys is that you can wrap hand warmers around batteries in the cold to help extend their life. You may want to do this with batteries if you're shooting in the cold a lot. 30 degrees centigrade is 86 degrees Farenheit...did I misread something...
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    Complete Cambo Actus Spec

    We were really excited to have our Actus, and we've done a lot of coverage on it. Check out some of the blog links, Steve Hendrix in particular has had a LOT of hands on time with it, and likely could help with any questions about lens functionality:
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    Tech Camera Stitching & Tripod Head

    The Arca-Swiss Cube is one of our most highly sought after products. We recommend them to every one of our tech cam clients shooting outdoors, and I've yet to hear anyone complain about the results they get with them. I hear you talked to Chris Snipes about it, and we'd love to help you out if...
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    Which Aerial Photographers Use Medium-Format Gear?

    Dana Slaymaker does aerial mapping, and was a recent attendee at one of our workshops: Resource Mapping
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    lcd shade/hood with Phase One digital back Pxx

    The Hoodman LCD cover was going to be my suggestion based on reviewing past attendee's for our workshops.