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  1. carstenw

    Sinar Hy6 and eMotion series backs

    Hello all, I have just picked up a Sinar Hy6 and the eMotion 75 back for it. It should be a 75LV, as the LCD goes right to the edge of the opening in the case. It looks like some things have changed a bit since I had an eMotion 54LV on a Contax 645 a few years back, and I am wondering if there...
  2. carstenw

    FS/FT: Linhof Master Technika - Superb condition (EU)

    I am selling my Linhof Master Technika, bought from a Linhof technician, who checked it over and created 90/210 cams for my lenses. The cams come with the camera, but I cannot guarantee that they work correctly with all lenses. FWIW, my lenses are Schneider 90/5.6 Super Angulon MC Linhof edition...
  3. carstenw

    FS: Leica M8 and M lenses (EU)

    I am sadly selling my Leica M system. I love the stuff, and some of these lenses are the best in their class, if not in the world, but I just don't use it any more, find myself not attracted to the M9, and do not want to keep this much money tied up just in case the M10, which will undoubtedly...
  4. carstenw

    FS: Lenses for Nikon

    I am cleaning out my Nikon cupboard a little, and selling some nice stuff which I just don't use. The 105 is EX++, the 35 and 21 are M-, and the 50 is M. The 105, 21 and 50 have the original box and papers (but no guarantee any more). I stopped photographing the boxes after the 105, but they are...
  5. carstenw

    FS: Hasselblad 203FE, 2000FC/M, 50FE, 250FE and more (EU)

    I am selling my Hasselblad system, due to a switch to Rolleiflex. The following items are for sale, and are generally in used but good-to-great condition. Everything works, and the lenses have clean glass. The only item with something other than mere signs of use is the 2000FC/M (see below)...
  6. carstenw

    FS: (EU) Manfrotto 055C and Manfrotto 405 Geared Head

    I have bought a Gitzo and am therefore selling my older Manfrotto 055 Chrome. It is in very nice condition, and includes the Manfrotto carrying strap. Very stable, about 140cm tall with the centre column collapsed, about 173cm with centre column extended. PRice: 65 Euro. Private sale, no...
  7. carstenw

    FS: (EU) Acratech Leveling Base

    I am selling my leveling base, which I found I needed much less than I thought, due to a switch to Burzynski Ball Head II and L brackets. Light marks of use on top and bottom surfaces, otherwise in great condition. Comes with original box. Shipping and PayPal extra. 115 Euro (costs 145 Euro...
  8. carstenw

    Photos of Alt gear

    Post photos of your alt gear! Anything non AF-Nikon or AF-Canon is sufficiently alt to qualify, but older or more alternative stuff is naturally more interesting :) I will make photos of some of my stuff in the coming few days and kick this off, unless someone gets there first!
  9. carstenw

    Nikkor lenses

    Post your Nikkor lens shots here. I consider old Nikkor lenses alt, since they are used not only on Nikons, but also on Canons and other cameras. AF lenses are not really alt though, so I will limit my posts to AI, AI-S, etc. I am not really supposed to post photos of my daughter, but this one...
  10. carstenw

    FS (EU Germany) : Nikon Nikkor 200mm f/2 VR

    I have really enjoyed this lens, but the smaller and lighter Leica 180/2 won me over with its charm, so this is going on the block. This is the first VR version, i.e. it has the older VR, good for 3 stops or so. The AF is unbelievably fast, almost instantaneous, but it is slightly loud and can...
  11. carstenw

    Leica 180/2 vs. Nikon 200/2 VR

    I have owned the Nikon 200/2 VR I for some time now, and it is an absolutely fantastic lens. Sharp, unbelievably fast AF, VR, boke to die for, and so on. On the other hand, the Leica 180mm f/2 Apo-Summicron-R has been a long-time dream lens for me, and I have been wondering recently if the...
  12. carstenw

    Panoramas - 1200 pixels wide

    Who has panoramas? Post them here! There is just one rule: the posted photo must be exactly 1200 pixels wide, including all trim! Landscapes, skyscapes, bodyscapes, everything is welcome, even carscapes!
  13. carstenw

    HDR Images

    Okay, this is going to get me lynched, but I would like to see your HDR photos here, and listen to you describe how you shot and post-processed it, in as much detail as you like. I will start off with a couple of oldies, which happen to be panoramas, in addition to being done in HDR fashion...
  14. carstenw

    The Kodak SLR Thread

    In November 2010, I finally caved and decided to try out a Kodak SLR/n. I have read much about these quirky old cameras, but with FF and 14MP for just 600 Euro, I couldn't really see a reason not to try it out. I had some glitches early on, with memory card related corruption and some weird...
  15. carstenw

    Manfrotto 055C Tripod (EU)

    I am selling my old but faithful Manfrotto 055C aluminium tripod. Collapsed 66cm tall, fully extended (3 segments) except centre column 140cm, with centre column (2 segments) 173cm tall. Weight 2,7kg. In very good condition, with light marks but no damage. Complete with original carry strap...
  16. carstenw

    Manfrotto 405 Geared Head (EU)

    I am selling my great, but little used Manfrotto 405 Geared Head. It is ultra-solid, and suitable for medium and large format, as well as heavy DSLR setups. It has both fine and fast adjustment capability for all three axes, and comes with a quick-release plate. The condition is nearly as new...
  17. carstenw

    Boke Panoramas - large format with small cameras

    I have been side-pursuing boke panoramas for some time now, starting a few years ago with a funky portrait and a macro rose shot, and continuing from this spring, and I really like the results. I am still fairly inexperienced with it, I would say, although at this point I do have a decent but...
  18. carstenw

    Zeiss Lens Photos and Discussion

    This thread tries to tie up the Zeiss universe in one place, to avoid having many little threads pop up and die, and the information getting lost. In this thread all Zeiss lenses are welcome, including ZF, ZF.2, ZE, ZS, ZM, ZA or older Contax 135 or 645 format lenses, Hasselblad V, Contax G, or...
  19. carstenw

    Linhof Master Technika - First Day Out

    I recently bought a Linhof Master Technika, but for a while I lacked various things to be able to take it out and use it in earnest. Yesterday I finally took the opportunity to use it to further my current long-term project on Berlin Cemetaries. I am still missing a darkcloth, so I grabbed a...
  20. carstenw

    Nikon D3 - Initial Impressions

    I just had a real scare, but first things first. The D3 was ordered new from England via eBay from a large-volume dealer with very good ratings. My German is quite decent, but I can still read English about twice as fast, with greater accuracy and more complete understanding. Besides, the...