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    Grab bag of goodies $55

    See photo. Everything in the photo for $55 shipped to US. The camera will say lens error as it starts, but it always works perfectly. There's a domke strap, a Leica white case, another strap or two, some lens cleaning stuff and sensor cleaning, I don't think I used the sensor/lens cleaning fluid...
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    SOLD: Nikon 17-55mm 2.8 Lens

    Selling my 17-55mm 2.8 lens, made in Japan. Bought second hand a few years ago. First owner said his backpack dropped into a creek for a few seconds but that the lens was not submerged at all. I bought it and had it checked by Nikon and it was checked, cleaned and aligned. I’ve likely used it...
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    WTB: Panasonic GF-1 or GF-2 w/lens

    Looking to do some video with a GF-1 or GF-2. User condition is okay. :thumbup: Please send a PM or email. Thanks, Lisa
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    Sold: Luigi Straps Black & Tan and Case more **$150

    Sold One lot for $150 takes all shipped to US. Two straps, one black, one tan. One Case measures approx. 4.5 X 2.5 X 1.5 Used condition. Has little leather memory pouch as well. The camera case is not actually an accessory, it is on its own dedicated strap. One WhiBal four card set...used...
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    FS: Nikon 10.5 Fisheye 2.8G Lens

    Serial number 301548, used but not abused condition. Super sharp!!! Comes with box and soft case. Asking $525 shipped to US.
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    FS: Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro lens, missing hood $1250

    FS: Nikon 200mm f/4 Micro lens, missing hood $1180 I will post photos of this pristine lens in a few minutes. Asking $1180 shipped to US. Missing the hood though, not sure where it went. I have the case, no box. Lisa
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    FS: Nikon TC-14EII $250 import

    I have a great condition and sharp Nikon TC-14EII $250 import, little use, can't even tell. $250 for quick sale to US. Will list a like new Nikon 200mm Micro lens shortly, trying to figure out price and get the courage to sell. Lisa
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    Back on the Market: FS Nikon D300HR HighRes conversion by Maxmax

    I'm selling my D300HR camera. Conversion done by MaxMax. Here's a quote from the website, "HR Visible: Only currently available on select DSLR cameras, the ICF and AA assembly is removed. A new ICF is installed because the stock ICF is cemented to the AA. The new ICF blocks IR light. By...
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    FS: Leica V-Lux 20 and ThinkTank UD30

    Leica V-Lux 20 in original box and case included is $550 shipped to US ThinkTank UrbanDisguise 30, asking $90 shipped to US. Will post photos shortly. Lisa
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    WTB: Apple iPad any configuration

    Looking to buy an Apple iPad, Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi plus 3G, either version is fine. Please let me know your configuration and price you'd like shipped to Calif. 92220. Thank you, Lisa
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    FS: Nikon lenses 70-210 and 80-200 & RRS

    Nikon 70-210mm 4-5.6, no box or front cap, but I have a filter and rubber hood I'm including. Push/pull variety. There's dust inside due to age. $65 shipped to US. Nikon 80-200 4.5-5.6 D. No box, but has pinch front cap and clear end cap, some dust. $55 shipped to US Both are fully working...
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    FS: Voightlander hood, maybe for 35mm lens?

    I received this hood in a trade and do not have the lens for it. I was told it may go to a 35mm lens. Excellent condition. I can take measurements for you if you'd like. Asking $55 shipped to US.
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    FS: Tamron 90mm 2.8 Macro for Nikon Mount

    I'm selling my mint Tamron 90mm lens this does not have the built in motor. I have the box and all accessories. Reluctant to sell, but I have a 60mm and a 150mm so this one doesn't get used at all. I've adjusted the ad because I wasn't following current price points on these. Asking $345...
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    FS: Nikon 85mm 1.8 Lens AF $285

    I have an AF version, not AF-D. It is made in Japan and has served me well. It has imperfections in the glass, as in it I see dust and a small bubble in there. Hasn't affected photos, but it's in there. For this reason, I'm asking $285 net to me shipped to US. No box, just the lens, hood, end...
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    FS: Leica C-Lux 3 Black with Black case accessory

    Some scratches on the front because the glossy finish is just too hard to protect. Otherwise excellent condition. For some reason these sell for $600-800 dollars? Not sure why, but I'm asking $425 shipped to US. Has genuine black Leica case and original box. I have the original box with all...
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    FS: Nikon 180mm 2.8 non-D Lens

    Looking to sell one of my sharpest lenses. I'm just not using this focal length right now. And it's a shame to just store it in a cupboard unused. Non-D version. Both caps included. Not sure if I have the hard case, if I find it, I will include it. Asking $520 shipped to US. 3 day inspection...
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    FS: RRS D3 plate, may be selling D3 later today

    I am selling my RRS BD3 plate with wrench. Asking $50 shipped to US. I may be listing my D3 beauty later. It has 8722 actuations. Still thinking that over as it's so wonderful, but so unused. At any rate, the plate is available now. This is not the "L" version. Lisa
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    FS: ThinkTank Digital Holster 40 asking $55

    Never taken out of the house. Non-smoking home. Has shoulder strap, cover, essentially as new. Can ship today, asking $55 delivered to US. It's this one: Lisa
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    FS: ThinkTank Glass Taxi & SpyderPro w/OptiCAL

    This is gently used. Comes in box with software, asking $50 shipped. Looks like this one: Also have a Glass Taxi by Think Tank, used once $120 shipped. Lisa
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    FS: CarbonOne Tripod $295 w/case

    I haven't been using this tripod. It is carbon fibre. I don't believe it is in production any longer. Has been gently used and never in water. Mostly my living room and back yard. CarbonOne 444. I'm including a soft case (non-padded), but it's a great fit. Asking $295 shipped.