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    FS: Leica M7 0.72x Black Chrome, boxed Ex++ serial #294xxxx

    For sale is a used Leica M7 0.72x in black chrome. It has the MP style viewfinder. I bought it in March 2016 from a well known London dealer and have used it sporadically since. I understand that it had one previous owner. At the start of this year Leica Wetzlar retrofitted the optical DX reader...
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    Expired Polaroid and Fujifilm pack film

    For a few years now I haven't had a camera that can shoot this standard Polaroid back pack film (3 1/4 x 4 1/4). It has all long expired but has been well stored in a cool, dark, and dry cupboard. There's enough film here to shoot a few prints and gauge any necessary exposure adjustments. Due to...
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    FS: Leica 28 F2 Summicron-M Black 6-bit

    For sale is my 28mm F2 Summicron-M which I purchased direct from Leica in 2007 (using the 30% M8 lens voucher for those who remember that). I am the first and only owner of this lens. It is an original factory 6-bit coded lens in the current silver/black packaging. I am selling with the hood...
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    FS: Leica Monochrom-M (CCD version) Black Chrome

    I am now fully committed to film use with my M system and have decided to sell my Monochrom. I bought this camera new in October 2012 and have used it often, though very carefully (as is my way), since then. The condition is very fine indeed – there are no scratches, nicks, gouges, dents or...
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    Leica Macro-Set M (90 Macro-Elmar F4 90mm, etc)

    This is the full Leica Macro-Set M containing: Leica Macro Elmar-M F4 90mm lens Leica Macro Adapter-M Angle Finder M I bought this used from a London dealer in the summer for a project that I didn't undertake. The previous owner had looked after the set very well indeed and it is in beautiful...
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    FS: Leica M 35mm F2.5 Summarit

    Now surplus to my requirements (I have two other 35mm M lenses) this is a superb little M lens. In pristine condition with unblemished finish and perfect glass, this lens could easily pass for mint. I am selling with original caps, box and paperwork. I have misplaced the little cloth bag that it...
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    FS: Leica M-E (pristine with warranty to Feb 2016)

    Perfect condition M-E (looks and feels like new), boxed with all paperwork and original accessories. Warranty until February 2016. An opportunity to buy a factory warrantied M-E with a saving greater than GBP 1,000 compared with new. Absolutely pristine, genuinely looks and feels like new...
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    FS: Sigma DP1 Merrill (LNIB)

    I bought this only last month as an inexpensive way of evaluating the foveon sensor with a view to purchasing an SD1 Merrill SLR and lenses (in the end I decided to get a Nikon for SLR needs). I doubt it is possible to obtain better image quality from any other camera in this size class but, in...
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    FS: Leica M9-P Black (Transferable warranty valid until 31 Jan 2015)

    I'm shooting very little colour with a Leica nowadays and have decided to sell one of my colour capable Leica digitals. I bought this M9-P from the Leica Mayfair store in February 2012 and later paid for the Leica extended warranty (which is valid until 31 Jan 2015) which is fully transferable...
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    FS: Leica MP 0.72x body black paint

    The real MP (not the new digital imposter:D). Pristine, looks like new condition. Sadly underused, I don't think I've shot more than 5 rolls of film through this MP since buying new in January 2011. As far as I can see there is no brassing, scratches or other imperfections. Baseplate still...
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    FS: Leica Apo-Summicron 75mm f2 ASPH (6-Bit) Boxed

    Bought April 2013. Factory warranty until April 2015. Absolutely pristine condition, totally unmarked and indistinguishable from new. Used only on a few occasions (I prefer 50mm or shorter on RF). Very sharp from F2 onwards and bang on with my M9P RF. Boxed with all original paperwork and...
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    FS: Leica M8.2 Black (Solms warranty until April 2015)

    This is an official Leica UK ex-demo item that I bought in April this year as a back-up for an important job. I no longer need the camera, hence the sale. The camera was sold to me by an authorised UK dealer and comes from ex-demo stock made available by Leica earlier in the year (details here)...
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    FS: Leica Filter E60 UV/IR Black #13414

    IR cut filter. Just received direct from Leica. Untouched in unopened box. Retails nowadays for $175 / £120. Selling for £60 plus postage.
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    FS: Leica MP Classic body

    I bought this in unused condition from a well known London dealer in 2011. I split the set (sold the lens) so I have the body only for sale. I have used this camera for approximately five rolls of film. It still looks pristine and like-new but, to be safe, I will call it Mint-. There are no...
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    FS: Leia M9 Black

    Very well looked after black M9. In excellent condition (probably Mint-). Small amount of extended warranty (transferable) until 8th October 2012. Boxed with all original accessories and paperwork. Bought new in October 2009. One owner (me). I purchased the extended warranty a year ago (ends...
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    FS: 35mm F1.4 Summilux-M ASPH FLE (latest version)

    I bought this lens new in July 2011 (I am the original owner). It focusses very smoothly and is very sharp.The cosmetic condition is 99% - perfect except for a very minor imperfection in the knurling (see photo). I have inspected the lens carefully and there are no other blemishes of any kind...
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    FS: Black 50mm F1.4 Summilux ASPH (ANIB)

    As new in box. Unused. It is 2011 official Leica UK stock (bought November 2011) from authorised dealer. Serial number #4137***. The lens is boxed with all paperwork and the usual leather case. I am looking for GBP 2500 (approx. USD 3950) plus insured shipping. Will ship worldwide (with a few...
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    FS: Leica 50mm F0.95 ASPH Noctilux-M

    100% unused, never mounted on a camera. A lens that doesn't need an introduction - an optical and engineering marvel. Boxed complete, including all original paperwork. Bought from an authorised Leica dealer in the UK. Asking GBP 7995 (approx USD 12,500) which includes insured shipping to USA or...
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    FS: 35mm F1.4 Summilux-M ASPH FLE (latest version)

    100% unused (not even mounted on a camera). Boxed with everything, including original paperwork. Bought from an authorised dealer in the UK. Asking GBP 4000 (approx USD 6,200). Insured shipping extra at cost (approx GBP 100 to USA). I am based in the UK but will ship worldwide (with some...
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    Feeler: Leica F2 Summicron Black Paint (from MP Classic set)

    I am buying a mint MP Classic set (meterless BP MP body + matching BP 50mm/F2 Summicron "Jahre style"). These were a limited edition of 500 sets made for the Asian market. However, I'm only really interested in the body and will likely want to sell the lens. The lens is a beautiful black paint...