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  1. Schafphoto

    Rhinocam Vertex as shift adapter.

    I'm looking at the possibility of using the Rhinocam Vertex that was just announced as a dedicated shift adapter for architecture on a Canon R5. Instead of mounting the mount's tripod foot, mount the camera body and spin the lens. The lens may in some instances be upside down, and shift would...
  2. Schafphoto

    Arca RM3 + Aperture control board + 11-24mm Canon

    I didn't even want to put the "sensor in question" into the title of the post since it's technically not MF. Dreaming of shifting a Canon EOSR (Canon R Mirrorless) body on the back of a ARCA tech-cam with an ARCA 110x110 Canon aperture control lens board ... that would be my ultimate setup...
  3. Schafphoto

    Canon R mount Shift adaptors EOS R>EF

    I'm looking to mount my Canon 11-24 on a shift adapter on my Canon R. There is enough room for a rotating shift adapter, I'm cobbling one together from a Kipon EOS-Mam645 shift adapter by adding an EOS female mount to the 645 end and grinding a bunch of aluminum with my Dremel. I know I'm an...