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    X1DII / DxO PhotoLab

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but DxO PhotoLap 4.3 now supports Hasselblad X1DII files. From a quick look, the results are very good. I don't know if they had any support from Hasselblad for colour profile, certainly they use their own lens modules, but anyway really nice to...
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    X1DII Screen Colour Accuracy

    I'm not sure why I never noticed this before, but I've just realised that the colours I see on the X1DII screen are quite significantly different to those I see in 3FR files imported into Phocus. The view on the camera is quite flattering. I think, probably, that what I'm seeing in Phocus is...
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    X1DII EVF brightness

    Hi, I was out with my X1DII today in bright, snowy conditions, and I noticed that the EVF was extremely dim, to the point that I could not see to properly frame shots. The actual exposures came out well enough (basically all centre-weighted with +0.7 to +1.0 compensation). It got to the point...
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    Managing Hasselblad X-System files

    Hi all I'm interested in hearing how X-System owners handle file management, as the workflow has some peculiarities. First, there's the question of converting to FFF or not. The advantage of this is smaller file size, but then the only way to achieve ii is via Phocus. And Phocus seems to...
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    X1D II Beginner Questions

    Hi, I've recently bought a Hasselblad X1D II, and as I'm getting familiar with it, I have a couple of questions which maybe somebody here can help me with. First, with the EVF/Display in Spirit Level mode, it seems that "X" toggles between "Factory" and "User" spirit level calibration, rather...