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    Technical Camera use in landscape photography

    As i said, to choose one is difficult, i really can't be sure which of the movements i really need more, it is like this for me even if you think it is wrong: 1. Landscape: Tilt, and shift[for panos mostly], maybe rise to a degree in some shots as above. 2. Architecture or some interior design...
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    Anyone shooting Medium Format Film

    Here are some images i did with film: B&W [RZ ProII + 50mm + TMAX100] Color [GSW690III + Velvia 100 or 100F] I do have more photos from those cameras and also from Hasselblad 501CM and Holga 120N and Mamiya RB, wish my Mamiya 7II is working then i will have more from this one...
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    What Hasselblad *won't* be announcing on the 22nd. (Cross-Posted)

    I like panos very much since i started to do so when i bought TS Canon lenses, then i was thinking to buy 617 film camera either dedicated or a film back to 4x5 camera, but i forgot that i bought an adapter kit to use panoramic shots on my Mamiya 7II that doesn't work at all, i checked out the...
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    Technical Camera use in landscape photography

    I was going to ask or maybe already asked about which technical camera to have, the problem with me is that i can't afford too many or at least 2, and i don't go with used, so only 1 brand new, and this is making it even much much harder as i am a landscape photographer and also an...
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    Hasselblad H3Dii-31 vs Pentax 645D

    I bought H3DII-39 long time ago, but then replaced it with H4D and i kept it although i went with A7R mk1 that is comparable to D800, i would like to replace my A7R to mkII and see how it will perform against H4D, not thinking about Nikon because i am a Canon shooter, but between Hasselblad and...
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    The great tripod & head thread!

    Nice thread! What is a good alternative head or ballhead to RRS BH-55? it is heavy and bulky, and it give extra weights when i travel, and also i am not much in love with My Markins Q3T and RRS clamp, i want something that can handle big loads minimum 25kg for example but not as heavy as BH-55...
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    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    After long time say about 1 year and half stopped shooting sports i went to shoot soccer [or football] in my area, it wasn't a strong or full of action game, but i wanted to warm up and at least to get my camera back to shoot. Ajman vs. Hatta - UAE Federal Cup 2015-2016 - 20 November 2015 1...
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) A7R + TS 17mm
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) Cool, thanks! I thought it was in Portland of Oregon, but even Maine is another beautiful location in USA, so i will try in the future if i will have a long life to visit USA many times and give East and Mid individual separate visits so i...
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) Douglas, can you send me a map with a pointer to that location you posted a shot of? i will never give up until i visit USA Northwest including Oregon, and that lighthouse location is really amazing, would like to visit that spot one day
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) Thank you very much! Waited long time to shoot something, so i did today.
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 Series Cameras( all of them) A7R + TS 24II I took many shots, and i took stars shots too but wasn't good at all, and suddenly for one shot when i was checking the settings i saw it was on L[JPEG], so i shocked and felt sad that my beach shots all were with JPEG, but...
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    A7/A7r/A7s - firmware update v1.10

    I did update, and didn't test it it all, the only thing as many said, faster start-up or turning on.
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    Re: Fun with the Sony A7 and A7r series Windows of the past Color B&W This is my first ever shot by A7R, using/testing Canon TS-E 24II, happy with the camera and the lens since that time.
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    Sony Pro Support

    Someone on facebook mentioned about this Sony Pro Service, with a link about it in his site or blog, i replied in his site/blog that i don't have 2 Sony Alpha bodies nor 3 lenses or G-series lenses, why i can't have their services? With Canon i have enough bodies and lenses and i am eligible to...
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    fat pixel digital backs

    It is, and i am still dreaming about those newest or latest DMF but i know i can't afford that, so i stay with oldies fat pixels until one day i can have newest gear in MF, and to my eyes maybe, i feel shots out of my old H3DII-39 were more appealing or better than my current H4D-60, i mean i...
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    How about more and more fun with Canon...

    The fans are gone, or let's say they didn't come, the game wasn't important for them and it is always pointing to the opposite side of the main one, so it wasn't enough fans there or no one at all as they are all in the main front one and i was standing near down of that main side so i must...
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    A7R with TSE 17 and 24 color shift question

    Good luck with your decision. I can't wait until September when i fly to USA [PNW] and use my A7R + TS17/24 and also Samyang 14mm, stay tuned.
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    Samyang 14 filter holder

    Well, i am late maybe to reply here, but i have this filter holder, i bought it very cheap with the lens, wasn't free, but let's say i've got the lens at low price that time so i can consider this filter holder as a free. I don't have any filters for that holder yet, and not sure i may find in...
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    Macro Lense options for A7R

    And how do you compare to other Macro lenses such as Canon/Nikon/Sigma? Is it only about optical quality? What about other performance things such as weight, image stabilization, extensions,...etc?