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    FS: Profoto ProRing II Plus Flash Head KIt w/Grids & Diffuser

    $1,200 US and it is a done deal! Curtis
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    DT's IQ4 Tech Camera Test Teaser

    F*** My wife won't new happy! Curtiss
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    Cambo WRS 1600 For Sale

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    Cambo WRS 1600 For Sale

    Graham: thanks for the kind words. You are rift. I selling the 1600 because I am now shooting with the Actus DB. I love the 1600. It is an exceptional piece of work butty shooting style favors the Actus DB. Curtiss
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    Cambo WRS 1600 For Sale

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    Cambo WRS 1600 For Sale

    Price drop: $3,800.00.
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    Cambo WRS 1600 For Sale

    I'm selling my Cambo WRS 1600 as I have gone to The Actus DB. List Price WRS 1600 $3,599.00 Phase/Mamiya WRS Rear Plate $455.00 Cambo...
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    Bunch of Profoto gear for sale - located in Los Angeles

    Hi: Are the pro heads the Pro Plus heads? Curtiss
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    Tech System Built around IQx50 / CMOS back

    Grahm: I have the rodie 50 and 90 and I have used the 32. Talk to CI about the 50. I find it to be great lens. Everything that needs to be said about the 90 and the sk120 has been said. Maybe 32, 50, 90 and either the 120 or 170? Curtiss
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    Preferred method of 'seeing' with tech cams

    I have a Cambo WRS 600 which has a built in sliding back so I frame/focus on ground glass without having to remove and replace the DB. That said after the initial compositions fine tuning is done by "feel" and checking on the SP3.
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    FS GTI Desktop Viewing Station

    Graham: Thanks for the kind words. The sale is complete. Curtiss
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    FS GTI Desktop Viewing Station

    It it still available? Would you ship to Oregon? Curtiss